Temple of Doom – Minecraft Seed

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 23, 2019
Updated: October 23, 2019
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 23, 2019
Updated: October 23, 2019

Temple of Doom: A Snowy Wonderland

Temple of Doom is a great seed for those who love working with snow biomes. The snow in Temple of Doom goes on for miles and miles. Temple of Doom is packed with large spruce wood forests and plenty of ravines and caves. It is very easy to find resources in this seed. A few naturally spawning structures, such as shipwrecks and ruins, can be found scattered around the world.


The moment you spawn into Temple of Doom, you are surrounded by snow for miles. You spawn in a snowy mountain biome along a frozen lake. Just beyond the bodies of water, you will find a large spruce wood forest that is teeming with animals. Rabbits and chickens are scattered all along the large forest.

North of the forest, you might stumble across a shipwreck with a fair amount of loot onboard. Next to the shipwreck, there are some ruins with lots of chests. But, the ruins are filled with drowned, so beware. Under the water, you will find more ruins buried among the seagrass.


Moving South from your spawn point, the snowy biome goes on for quite a long time. A few caves and ravines are spread around the land. There are lots of rolling hills, however, none are big enough to be considered a mountain. If you walk South long enough, you might come across some more structures.

There is a second shipwreck, with loot, of course, along with a pillager outpost. This pillager outpost has loot at the top of the tower, but, be careful of crossbow-wielding pillagers who stand guard. Near the pillager outpost, there are more underground, and aboveground, ruins on the shore. These ruins have many chests filled throughout the buildings. There is also an igloo nearby.

There are lots of ravines around this seed, which is great for gathering resources. Along with ravines, there are caves dug out on the sides of some hills.

Far from spawn, there are a few naturally spawning structures. The seed itself seems to be entirely snow biomes for a very long time. The seed itself is nice, not super pretty, but nice if you like snow. If you dislike snow, you will really not like this seed. I found the seed very underwhelming.

I did not find anything special about this seed, most of what you see can be found on any randomly generated seed. It is interesting to find such a large plain of snow, however, that is not the type of biome most enjoy working with, as snow always has to be dug out. There also is not a large variety of blocks available with this seed, to find wood other than spruce you will need to search for a long time.

Overall, I do not think Temple of Doom is that great of a seed. But, it could be perfect for those who love snow biomes. Temple of Doom is a seed for Minecraft version 1.14.4.

Pros of Temple of Doom:

  • A few structures scattered around the seed.
  • A lot of trees near spawn, which is good when first starting off.
  • Plenty of caves and ravines nearby.

Cons of Temple of Doom:

  • Hard to build, especially with all of the snow.
  • Most structures are a decent ways away from spawn and hard to find.
  • Most water sources are frozen over due to the snow.

How to use Temple of Doom Minecraft Seed

Would you enjoy surviving in a world like Temple of Doom? All you need to do is use the seed in a singleplayer world! It’s very easy to do, and here are the steps:

  1. Open Minecraft 1.14.4
  2. Select “Singleplayer” then select “Create New World.”
  3. Click on “More World Options…”
  4. In the textbox labeled “Seed for the World Generator” paste these numbers:  -613756530319979507
  5. Click “Create New World” once again, and you will be in Temple of Doom
  6. For a smoother gaming experience, it is recommended to download the Optifine mod.

Temple of Doom Minecraft Seed Preview

Temple of Doom - Minecraft Seed - 1 Temple of Doom - Minecraft Seed - 2

Temple of Doom - Minecraft Seed - 3

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