Swords+ 1.14.4 Minecraft Mod – New, More Powerful Swords

Swords+ 1.14.4

Swords+ 1.14.4

Swords+ 1.14.4 is now available. Get your hands on even more powerful swords in Minecraft with this incredible Minecraft mod. Let’s take a look at what makes this mod so unique, how to download it, and our thoughts on it.

Despite this just being a datapack, Swords+ 1.14.4 still gives you access to new swords with unique designs and features. We have explained everything there is to know about Swords+, all of its features, and how to install it, below.

Swords+ 1.14.4 - 1

Swords+ 1.14.4 Minecraft Mod Review and Feature List

Swords+ 1.14.4 adds a total of 12 new swords, all of which have their own unique effects, design, and stats. 

The God Sword is certainly the strongest. It can be crafted with two nether stars and a blaze rod. Once crafted, it will give you Resistance III, Regeneration III, Absorption III, Fire Resistance III, Luck III, and Strength III as soon as you equip it. The base damage is also 15. Basically, if you want to walk around feeling invincible, that’s the sword for you. If you can’t craft it, you can use the command /function swordsplus:god/give to get given it for free.

The other 11 swords are great too, and perhaps a little more reasonable in terms of balancing. The Magma sword has 6 base damage and gives you Fire Aspect. The Redstone sword has 6 base damage and speed III. The Prismarine sword gives you 9 base damage. If you hold the Prismarine sword, you get water breathing and dolphin's grace. Get a chance to download this mod - Swords+ 1.14.4.


Swords+ 1.14.4 - 2

The slime sword is an interesting one. It gives you Jump Boost III for 5 seconds, although the base damage is just 3. Perhaps the most enjoyable for some players will be the TNT sword. You can craft this by surrounding an iron sword with stacks of 8 TNT in the dropper. When you attack something it will detonate TNT as you attack. 

Swords+ 1.14.4

Next up we have the glowstone sword - this gives you 5 base damage and night vision. Mobs and players will also glow when you hold the sword. The Purpur sword does 8 base damage and you get Slow Falling and a Levitation effect when you use it. Finally we have the glass sword and the lapis sword, both of which deal 6 base damage. 

The glass sword will spawn 5 withers in a 3 block radius if you hit a mob, and the sword will be instantly destroyed. The lapis sword will give you 5XP every time you hit a mob. If you'd like to see the recipes, you can type /function swordsplus:recipes. You must place a dropper facing upwards, then place an item frame on top. Finally, place an iron sword in the item frame and put the crafting materials in the dropper.

Alternatively, you can spawn these items by typing /function swordsplus:help and finding the right spawn command. Personally, I think Swords+ 1.14.4 is a lot of fun, even if it does give you some ridiculously overpowered swords.

Pros of Swords+ 1.14.4

  • 12 unique swords with different designs and abilities
  • Most swords make you feel very powerful
  • You can craft all swords in creative mode

Cons of Swords+ 1.14.4

  • The swords can feel a little overpowered
  • Some swords will be very hard to craft in creative mode
  • The crafting process is quite inconvenient

How to Install Swords+ 1.14.4 Minecraft Mod

  • Download Swords+ for 1.14.4.
  • Extract the zip file on your PC. 
  • Open Minecraft and click on the singleplayer tab.
  • Find the world you’d like to install Swords+ to and click on it. 
  • Click Edit world.
  • Click Open Worlds Folder.
  • Open the datapacks folder in the new Windows Explorer window.
  • Click and drag the Swords+ folder from the extracted zip file into the datapacks folder.
  • In the Windows Explorer tab, go to .minecraft.
  • Once you are in .minecraft, open the resources folder.
  • Click and drag the resources.zip file from the original extracted zip file into the resources folder.
  • Start your world and type /reload.

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