Planet Impossible (Compatible with 1.14.4)


Planet Impossible is a science fiction themed survival map full of dinosaurs, crashed spaceships, and even aliens! Got your attention? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this dino-mite map.

What is Planet Impossible survival 1.14.4?

The Planet Impossible map is a unique survival map that sells itself on its alien world and dinosaurs. With its desert world filled with ruins, dinos and settlements, there’s certainly a lot to uncover in this hardcore survival map. There’s also challenges included with the download of this map.

What is it like to play Planet Impossible survival?

From the name alone, you can probably guess that this survival is tough. I died a few times, and with the map’s forced hardcore mode, I also had to restart right from the beginning. This can be a pain at times, particularly with the giant angry dinos stomping around that can kill you in one hit.

The difficulty doesn’t stop there either, food sources are scarce, and with the map being almost completely desert, there aren’t too many opportunities to start that must-have potato farm. This was my biggest hurdle most of the time. Often I found myself starving to death in the safety of my base rather than in actual combat. Though, it must be said that the aggressive dinosaurs pack a mean punch.

The landscape is interesting and the map is full of uniquely designed fauna to keep you intrigued. Thanks to the Paleocraft mod, it’s also chocked full of dinosaurs too. What was disappointing is that the dinosaurs didn’t seem to make a big difference to the feeling of the map.

It would’ve been nice to see some big dinosaur environments or even giant dinosaur bones. Likewise, the map itself is fairly small and you can even escape over the mountains easily. These elements make the map feel less alien and more like an unusual new biome.

One unfortunate aspect of the map is that it requires a total of three mobs to get running. Not only do you need to run Minecraft 1.6.4, but also download and install the relevant versions of Forge, Paleocraft and Dungeon Mobs. Even though it’s not difficult to get these up and running, it can be annoying to find all the right versions, especially when the mods don’t seem to add a massive amount to the overall experience.

With all that said, Planet Impossible is a classic survival map full of challenges and interesting landmarks all in a unique setting for Minecraft. If you’ve got a few friends

What are Planet Impossible’s pros?

✔Difficult survival challenge

✔Unique and interesting setting

✔Ample room for multiplayer experience.

What are Planet Impossible’s cons?

X Requires multiple mods

X Not designed for single player 

X Dinosaurs don’t add much to overall experience

How do I install Planet Impossible survival 1.14.4?

If you like the sound of dinosaur hunting on an alien planet, then check out our guide on installing Planet Impossible below.

First off, download Planet Impossible. When that’s done, use your file exporter to export the contents of the download. Once that’s done, locate the unzipped folder and move it to your Minecraft saves folder. Use the following table to find your directory:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft


When the map is in your saves folder, just boot up Minecraft and select the map from the single player list. Make sure you are running Minecraft 1.6.4.

If you want to play Planet Impossible with friends as its designed, find out where your server stores its world folder. This is different depending on which client software you use. Simply replace the world folder with the Planet Impossible folder and you’re set.

Planet Impossible survival 1.14.4 Preview

Planet Impossible 1.14.4 - 1 Planet Impossible 1.14.4 - 2

Planet Impossible 1.14.4 - 3


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