Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 3, 2020
Updated: January 3, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published January 3, 2020
Updated: January 3, 2020

Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition is a silly little resource pack for Minecraft 1.15 that focuses on bringing you some laughs while you play your favourite block-based building game. With bright colours and silly faces, what’s not to love in this lighthearted and jovial resource pack? Though, you serious players who enjoy realism might want to give this one a skip. Meme-lovers and jokesters only!

What is Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition?

Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition is a very small resource pack for 1.15 that changes a selection of Minecraft’s visuals to much more silly alternatives. If you’re a fan of silly packs that don’t take themselves seriously, this is certainly one you’ll want to check out.

What is Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition like when installed?


Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition is one of those packs that I personally won’t be playing with again, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ve never been a fan of joke packs or resource packs that are heavy on memes or in-your-face design to get a few laughs. And if you hadn’t guessed already, Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition is one of those kinds of packs.

Basically, the pack is made up of a few changes to certain blocks and items. The biggest change comes in the form of diamond armour, which now dons the bright pink coat of paint alluded to by the pack’s title. I was also surprised to find that the pack makes changes to the game’s graphical user interface. 

Many big packs don’t even touch the games GUI, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a much smaller project dedicate its time to those kinds of details. You might have guessed, but the hotbar sits in a colour of bright pink with small love hearts sitting in each section. Cute! All diamond items have also been replaced with bright pink alternatives, and zombies have been given an unusually simple and friendly smiley face to replace their usual brain-dead complexion.

Despite the name, I was surprised to find that more of the pack wasn’t coloured pink and that the pack wasn’t as meme-filled as I first imagined. In fact, to my knowledge there isn’t a single meme in this pack, which will be disappointing for some. I think in this case ‘meme’ is supposed to reference the ironic and jokey attitude of the pack, rather than any references to actual famous memes.

So that’s Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it, but it’s a cute little pack by a novice creator and I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll conjure up in the future.


What are the pros of Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition?

✔Adds silly and lighthearted texture changes to make the game more fun

✔Game’s performance doesn’t suffer due to small pack size

✔Makes changes to both in-game textures and user interface

What are the cons of Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition?

X File setup makes installation slightly arduous

X Only changes a few aspects of the game’s visuals

X Not of the highest quality available

How do I install Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition?

Installing resource packs like Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition isn’t hard, but not everyone has experience installing resource packs for Minecraft. That’s why below we’ve included a handy guide on resource pack installation that will have you playing in no time.

Download Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition as a zip file and place it somewhere aside until later. Now boot up Minecraft and navigate to the game’s options menu. Once you’re there, click on ‘resourcepacks’ and then ‘open resource pack folder’ at the bottom of the screen. This will automatically open the folder you need for the installation.

You can also find this folder manually by using one of the relevant file directories in the table below:


OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft

Once you have the folder open, place the download from earlier inside of it. Go to the Minecraft resource pack menu and activate Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition as one of your enabled packs in your resource pack list.

Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition Preview

Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition - 1 Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition - 2

Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition - 3

Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition for Minecraft Download Links

Below is where you can find download links for Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition

  Pinkpack 1.15 meme edition DOWNLOAD

At the end of the day, if you want to play Minecraft you first need to download OptiFine! There are millions of players in Minecraft make sure that you are using fair mods which does not disrupt or bother gameplay of other players.

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