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Pickedge 1.15 is an incredibly simple pack focused on those of you who only want some minor tweaks and changes to the default Minecraft texture formula. Just wish some parts of vanilla Minecraft’s aesthetic were the tiniest bit different? Then you may very well be in luck! But how does this minimally-impactful pack stock up against the biggest packs around? Keep reading to see my review and find out!

What is Pickedge 1.15?

Pickedge 1.15 is not a pack that changes a lot. In fact, there’s so little overall change that I felt like I must’ve missed some in my playthrough. Rest easy though, I tripled checked. Pickedge offers a selection of tweaks and changes to vanilla Minecraft. It’s not going to transform your game into Star Wars or take you to a steampunk fantasy land, but it just might resolve those pet peeves you have about parts of vanilla Minecraft’s look.

What is Pickedge 1.15 like to use?

As the pack is so simple, using Pickedge 1.15 isn’t a bad experience. There’s very little changed to Minecraft, so it makes sense that there’s very little to really complain about. Clearly though, this is one of the pack’s positives, as well as its biggest negative.

The pack’s biggest changes come in the form of the weapon and tool textures. The creator describes them as “sharper”, which I will admit is a pretty accurate description. The tools now have less cartoonish designs when compared to the default set and look a bit more realistic to their real world counterparts. I enjoy these textures a fair amount, probably more than the default textures, so I can commend the creator here.

Other changes in the pack come in the form of tweaks and adjustments to how certain parts of the game look. Honestly, you won’t notice a lot of these without seeing before and after shots or reading the change list online. Though, I don’t want to act like this is a bad thing. Too many packs assume that bigger change = better. This is not the case. Subtle changes are usually much better as you can eliminate problematic areas without affecting vast swathes of how the game’s visuals work. This is clearly the pack’s overall goal and I think it’s great that there are pack creators out there doing this sort of thing.

I also enjoyed the increased visibility when using a pumpkin on your head, as well as the changes to the hotbar and GUI. These are great additions to have in a pack, that far too many packs forget about. Also, that old hurt sound was just fantastic to hear again! So bravo, and I look forward to seeing how this pack develops.

What are the pros of Pickedge 1.15?

✔Subtle and tasteful changes to vanilla Minecraft textures

✔Removes impractical or problematic visuals

✔Adds small details to improve overall experience

What are the cons of Pickedge 1.15?

X Not very much content

X Only some minor tweaks to select items

X Not recommended for most players

How do I install Pickedge 1.15?

Got some annoying quirks of the default Minecraft visuals you just wish you could erase forever? Then this might be the pack for you my friend! Use our handy guide below on resource pack installation for Minecraft 1.15 and you’ll be playing the game stress-free in just a few short minutes.

Download the available zip file for Pickedge 1.15 and when its complete, place it aside somewhere for the time being. Now you need to find and open your Minecraft’s ‘resourcepack’ folder. You can do this by going to the game’s main menu and navigating to options>resource packs>open resource pack folder. Alternatively, go to one of the following file directories:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft

Once you’ve got the resource pack folder open, place the zip download from before inside of it. Finally, go to the Minecraft resource pack menu and enable Pickedge 1.15 as your current resource pack.

Pickedge 1.15 Preview

Pickedge 1.15 - 1 Pickedge 1.15 - 2

Pickedge 1.15 - 3

Pickedge 1.15 for Minecraft Download Links

Below is where you can find download links for Pickedge 1.15

Pickedge 1.15 DOWNLOAD

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