PewdiePie’s Seed

Pewdiepie Seed - 1

Pewdiepie Seed is the exact replica of the world Youtuber PewDiePie uses for his popular Minecraft series. Want to experience your own world alongside PewDiePie? Then this is the seed for you! To run this seed properly, version 1.14.4 is needed, which is the current newest version.

 When first opening the world, you will spawn right next to a desert village. This village is small, but a few chests are scattered among the buildings. In the chests, you can find cacti, an emerald, and wheat. The village is equipt with an iron golem for protection. With some searching, a second village can be located nearby in the plains near spawn.

Pewdiepie Seed - 2

A third village can also be found if you head south, into the desert, from the village next to the spawn point. This third village is small with no loot.

Right next to the third village, you might spot a pillager outpost with a chest at the top of the structure. West of the pillager outpost, another village can be found nearby. This village is large with quite a few chests scattered among the buildings and houses. If food is needed, make sure to go through the chests in each house of this village. And, of course, another village can be spotted nearby.

Moving past the villages, you will see a savannah biome with large hills. Lots of caves are dug out within the sides of the hills, which makes gathering materials easy. Near the spawn point, you can find sheep, horses, and ocelots-- all of which are useful.

Aesthetic-wise, the seed is very beautiful. It has many hills, valleys, caves, and bodies of water. However, due to this, a strong computer may be needed to run the seed smoothly.

Pewdiepie Seed Pros:

  1. The pawn point is very close to a village, with other villages closeby. 
  2. The spawn point is close to trees, water, and useful animals such as horses and sheep.
  3. Rolling hills are close to the spawn point, which have many caves dug out into the sides of the hills.

Pewdiepie Seed Cons:

  1. Not much flat land due to the rolling hills, so it might be harder to build.
  2. The Savannah biome you spawn in is pretty large, it takes a while to find a different biome.
  3. The village near the spawn point is small, there is not much loot.

This seed is perfect for anyone who loves stumbling across lots of naturally spawned buildings. This world seems to have villages around every corner, along with great scenery. This is a very beautiful seed, however, finding a flat surface to build on might be a challenge.

A strong computer might be needed for the seed to run smoothly due to all of the blocks, but if you turn your chunks down it should run better. If you aren’t one for a lot of naturally spawning buildings, this seed might not be for you.

This seed might also not be for you if you dislike climbing lots of mountains while roaming your Minecraft world. If you like to build large and spread out bases, this seed might also not be for you due to the lack of flat surfaces.

Pewdiepie Seed - 3

How to install PewdiePie Seed

Using this seed is quite easy, the seed itself is 609567216262790763, and here is how you upload it to a Minecraft world of your own. This method can be used for any seed you may find.

If you wish to generate a world with a random seed, simply follow the same steps while leaving the “Seed for the World Generator” textbox empty.

  1. Launch Minecraft, making sure you are on version 1.14.4.
  2. Click on singleplayer.
  3. Click “Create New World”.
  4. Click on “New World Options…”
  5. In the textbox labeled “Seed for the World Generator” copy and paste this number: 609567216262790763
  6. Lastly, click “Create New World” and the world will begin generating!