A Perfect Circle Has Been Created in Minecraft’s Blocky World 

 Last Modified September 27, 2021

 Published September 23, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Perfect Circle Created in the Blocky World of Minecraft - 1

A Minecraft player which goes by the name of Mysticat created a perfect circle in the square and blocky world of Minecraft.

|f you think it was impossible before, think again. He has broken the laws of Minecraft and made the shape without any edges whatsoever.


To make the feat even more incredible! He did everything without any texture packs and mods to installed in his game.

Another thing that would probably knock  your socks off is the fact that it took him less than an hour to complete and create.


Yes you heard that right, he created the perfect circle within the limitations of vanilla Minecraft using only blocks and redstone contraptions.

"It took a whole week of planning and less than an hour of action to do it."

Perfect Circle Created in the Blocky World of Minecraft - 2

Perfect Circle In a Square World

If you have not yet seen the Mysticat's video or looked at some screenshots you might not even believe it.

The main protagonist of Minecraft is a block, the mobs are blocks, heck even the Ender Dragon and Wither are made of blocks.

How on earth is it possible to create a perfect circle without having to use 3rd party mods or resource packs to smooth everything out.

With the help of a redstone contraption which he devised himself, Mysticat was able to create a perfect circle using sand blocks, in-depth knowledge of console commands and some clever engineering.

The process is not as easy as it looked on the video. You would need to have mastered how every block and console command works.

It's not like PvP texture packs which you can just download and use. You'll need better understanding of the game.

You would have to memorize or have a list of all commands, plus full knowledge of what works on what, and which doesn't effect what block.

At the same time, Mysticat showed how amazing of a redstone engineer he is as he manipulated the armor stands and sand blocks to simulate a perfect circle.

Armor Stands and Hoppers

Dirt blocks are cubed, stones are boxes, chests are square. So what block or entity can we use which isn't actually a cube? The Answer is Armor Stands.

Since Armor Stands are still made of square wood you might think it wouldn't still make the circle.

But, do remember that the armor stand is finer and is thinner compared to all of the other blocks which you might be able to see in the game.

"It's like drawing with a fine point pen."

Since it is technically thinner, you can create a circle with it if you position them properly since they can be turned to a specific angle.

At the same time, you will need to spawn plenty of it in order to fill in all of the edged gaps.

Using console commands you can easily do it. However, you can also simulate it in a survival mode game using the help of hoppers and redstone.

Do note that even you can technically create a perfect circle in Minecraft, you might get some problems such as flickering and edges. Yet, it's all normal since it is after all Vanilla Minecraft.

At the end of the day it is still one of the most amazing creations in Minecraft

Redstone Engineering

There are so many things which you can build in Minecraft thanks to this valuable resource. Sure it's not as rare as diamond blocks but with these blocks you can create the most brilliant things

Players have crafter whole working computers and even a phone which can watch YouTube videos through redstone engineering.

A player has even created a moving boat, and car with the help of some clever thinking. Although hard to learn, this aspect of the game is what makes it even more amazing.

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