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Old School Runescape items 1.15.2 is a resource pack for Minecraft 1.15.2 for that group of you who have a history with the classic browser-based MMORPG Runescape. Don your dragon armour and head over to The Wilderness, because with this resource pack we’ll be taking a nostalgia trip back to old school Runescape. Free armour trimming, anyone?

What is Old School Runescape items 1.15.2?

Old School Runescape items 1.15.2 is a pack that brings a little bit of Runescape to the world of Minecraft. Through some custom made weapon and item textures, you’ll be teleported straight to Gielinor where you’ll be able to fulfill those childhood dreams of a full set of dragon armour and weapons.

Is Old School Runescape items 1.15.2 fun to play with?

There probably aren't too many gamers out there who don’t have some kind of memory of Runescape. For many of us, it was our first venture into a big multiplayer universe, and taught us many lessons in its iconic RPG world. Old School Runescape items 1.15.2 looks to bring this sense of nostalgia to the world of Minecraft through a curated selection of items from Runescape’s golden age.

The designs of the Runescape items are fairly impressive, and while they have a lot of stylistic flourish, they still manage to fit well into Minecraft’s overall style. The pack’s content is a true joy to experience when you have a history with Runescape, but I worry that players who are unfamiliar with the game won’t have anything to latch onto to retain their interest. With that said, with the quality and impressive nature of the texture designs, even if you haven’t played Runescape, they pack manages stands on its own two feet.

I’d recommend this pack for players who enjoy big, bold and impressive looking weapons. It would make an awesome addition to someone’s resource pack setup, with Old School Runescape items 1.15.2 stacked up on top of another more comprehensive resource pack.

So, that’s all there is to it! If you remember spending hours farming flax or spending time in the Falador party room, then here is your chance to bring some of those cherished Runescape memories to Minecraft. Combine two of the most famous video games in recent history with this Runescape-inspired resource pack for 1.15.2. Did you give Old School Runescape items 1.15.2 a try? Let us know what you thought of this pack, and tell us what pack I should check out next down in the comments section below.

What’s good about Old School Runescape items 1.15.2?

✔ Awesome nostalgic throwback

✔ Textures work quite well with Minecraft’s vanilla aesthetic

✔ Relatively low resolution keeps the game running smoothly

What’s not so good about Old School Runescape items 1.15.2?

X Could use more Runescape items, armour and blocks

X Not much appeal for players unfamiliar with Runescape

X Only appealing to old school Runescape players

How to install Old School Runescape items 1.15.2

Installing Old School Runescape items 1.15.2 is as easy as getting through the Tutorial Island, and if you follow my simple guide, it’s even easier! Read on to see my quick step-by-step runthrough and you’ll be smashing things like a level 12 Barbarian in no time.

To start, download Old School Runescape items 1.15.2 This should come as a zip file, and you’ll need to keep the file somewhere you can grab it again later. Now you need to find the folder called ‘resourcepacks’ that exists inside of Minecraft’s game files. The best way to do this is by going to Minecraft’s options menu and selecting resource packs>open resource pack folder. Alternatively, to find the folder outside of Minecraft, use the table of file directories below:

macOS~/Library/Application Support/minecraft


To activate the resource pack, open up Minecraft and go to the game’s resource pack menu. Once here, enable Old School Runescape items 1.15.2.

Old School Runescape items 1.15.2 Preview


Old School Runescape items 1.15.2 for Minecraft Download Links

Below is where you can find download links for Old School Runescape items 1.15.2

Old School Runescape items 1.15.2 DOWNLOAD

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