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Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15 is a resource pack for Minecraft update 1.15 that drops the world of Minecraft into a big pot of thick, gloopy, cartoony paint! A great option for younger players or players who are just young at heart, this pack is deceptively simple from afar, but upon closer inspection there is a world of detail to discover. But is Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15 worthy of being your next resource pack pick? How does Minecraft look under a new cartoonish set of clothes? Find this out and more in my review and rundown of this cartoon pack for Minecraft 1.15.

What is Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15?

Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15 is basically everything it says on the tin. It’s a new pack, by someone we can only assume is named Nik, and it adopts a cartoony art style. From experience those things will probably make up your own personal heaven or own personal hell. Though, I can assure you that this pack is no hell to experience. With super high resolution textures combined with a cartoony art style, this is a very unique-looking resource pack that leaves a big impact.

What is Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15 like to play with?

I spent a few hours playing and messing around in Minecraft with Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15 installed. The pack is simply a delight to play with and is full of surprises and details at nearly every turn.

My first impressions of the pack were surrounded around the pack’s unique art style. As the name alludes, Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15 uses a cartoon art style rather than one that grounds itself closer to realism. This, combined with the pack’s very high texture resolution, results in a very unique and instantly identifiable art style.

I’d describe it something like faithful-adjacent, meaning that it has a kind of faithful pack vibe, but isn’t necessarily looking to be a faithful interpretation of the default textures. Personally, I don’t use cartoony packs very often, yet I found myself enjoying Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15 immensely. People who use cartoon style packs regularly will find a lot to love in this pack, and it could easily become a fixture in a lot of players’ resource pack rotation.

The major downside to all of this is of course that it ultimately affects the general experience of Minecraft. As the texture resolution is now so high, it can be distracting, especially with certain block redesigns. Though, I wager this is mostly down to personal preference, so its best to try it out yourself to see if you dig the pack’s style

What are the pros of Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15?

✔Runs very well despite very high resolution

✔Unique and cartoonish art style

✔New textures have a lot of details

What are the cons of Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15?

X Art style won’t be to everyone’s taste

X Textures can distract from simplicity of Minecraft

How do I install Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15?

To start, you (obviously) need to download the zip for Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15. Once the download has finished, place the zip file somewhere safe for the time being. The next step is to find and open your Minecraft ‘resourcepack’ folder. The easiest way to do this is by going to the game’s main menu and selecting ‘options’ then ‘resource packs’ and finally ‘open resource pack folder’, which will find and open the folder for you. You can also locate the folder in your computer files by using one of the file directories in the table below. Use the one relevant to your computer’s operating system:

macOS~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Place the zip file you put aside earlier into the resource pack folder, and after opening Minecraft,, enable Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15 as your current resource pack through the resource pack menu screen.

Nik's New Cartoon Pack 1.15 Preview

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