New Minecraft Launcher Reported to Be Bugged 

 Last Modified November 15, 2021

 Published November 15, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

New Minecraft Launcher Has Been Reported to Be Bugged - main

As we come close to the release of Minecraft 1.18 Mojang released a new patcher yet it came to a surprise to everyone that the new Minecraft launcher has been reported to be bugged.

Plenty of gamers have already exclaimed their disappointment. Even Mojang themselves have already placed it in their bug tracker.


Minecraft has evolved into a phenomenon that is enjoyed by people of all ages, despite the fact that it started as a video game.

It is one of the most popular video games ever created with over 140 million monthly active users.


Because it's an online game which publishes live changes, Mojang Studios frequently deploys updates to keep it interesting.

However, in rare cases, some of these modifications can be catastrophic such as the current incident.

New Minecraft Launcher Has Been Reported to Be Bugged - tweets of error

New Minecraft Launcher

As Mojang continues to develop and improve the game they might need to also improve their game launcher to help patch all possible problems easier for gamers.

However in a turn of events it actually backfired as plenty of players have reported issues and errors.

Some players have recently complained that animals, villagers, and armor stands are vanishing from their games on the Xbox and Nintendo Switch.


"Some recent news indicate that many Minecraft players are having problems with the new launcher. Mojang bug tracker is filled with launcher issues reports "

While some claim that the game doesn't launch at all due to several issues popping up, others claim that the launcher does not load even work for them at all.

However, the game becomes completely unplayable for everybody who is affected by the launcher not working.

Mojang has already been started working on the issue and temporarily allowed players to use the older launcher.

New Minecraft Launcher Has Been Reported to Be Bugged - screenshot of error

More Updates, More Problems

However, there are other issues affecting Minecraft players right now. Some users have reported difficulties with the new launcher's installation.

Many players are reporting problems with Optifine. Many users have reported that the game's Optifine version is not accessible to them, while others say it causes their system to crash.

However, as it turns out, it isn't the case. The firm has subsequently acknowledged the problem and reported that a solution will be available soon.

Despite the fact that the launcher has a lot of problems, it suggests it wasn't ready for a public release yet as some players think it was released half-done.

After acknowledging numerous issues with the new Minecraft launcher failing for many gamers they have already started working on a fix for it.

New Minecraft Launcher Has Been Reported to Be Bugged - Mojang bug tracker

Minecraft Unified Launcher vs Windows Minecraft Launcher

It appears that the problem is related to the launcher from If you download the launcher directly from Microsoft Store, the problem should not occur.

They are having login difficulties according to a report from another player who downloaded the launcher via the Xbox app on Windows 11.

The Minecraft Unified Launcher was designed for Windows 7 and 8 and can launch the Java Edition as well as Minecraft Dungeons.

However, the new Windows 10/11 version of the Minecraft launcher will be able to run those games as well as Minecraft for Windows. It should work on Win 10 and 11.

While Minecraft: Education Edition will continue to have it's own separate launcher.

This launcher organizes your Minecraft games in one location, making it easier to find while attempting to start the games.


"It's free to play, but you'll need to buy the games. If you want to avoid confusion, you may uninstall the older launcher."

Before you uninstall the old launcher, make sure you've moved your game modifications to the new one. The developer of the mod will provide further information on it.

With regards to your saved worlds and game files the new launcher will be able to detect them all and launch them successfully without any problems.

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