2 New Minecraft Based Games to Be Released by Mojang 

 Last Modified October 19, 2021

 Published October 19, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

2 New Minecraft Based Games to Be Released by Mojang - main

Mojang has stated that 2 New Minecraft based games are set to be released within the next years.

It has been reported that the creators of Minecraft are working on two all-new projects, and they take place in the Minecraft world.


According to a legitimate source the developer is currently working on two completely new games. But what they are remains a secret.

It's also worth noting that, according to a recent report, Mojang might already have spilled the beans. 


Hints of the New Minecraft Based Games

For the past few months, the official Minecraft Instagram has been releasing charming animated remakes of classic Minecraft.

Although these retro reinventions of the Minecraft world may be enjoyable little diversions, they might also be hints to additional games in the game's universe.

Whatever the case may be, whether or not this new report is accurate, it appears as though Minecraft will receive some all-new games.

Given the enormous success of Minecraft since its debut in 2011, it wouldn't be surprising to see Microsoft make some new games as a result of their purchase for $2.5 billion.


"On Mojang's 11th birthday, the firm revealed that Minecraft has sold over 200 million copies across all platforms and has almost 126 million active players."

That is a strong incentive to capitalize on the franchise by releasing new games. Whether or not this fresh information pans out, though, remains to be seen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, two new Minecraft games are in the works at Mojang Studios. Neither is connected to Minecraft Dungeons or the original game.

When it comes to the wildly popular Mojang-developed brand, most people focus on the main Minecraft title; nevertheless, a few spinoff versions have captivated audiences as well.

Bringing Nostalgia To The Table

Not much has been known on what exactly the two new Minecraft based games are going to be however it is obvious Mojang wants to add Nostalgia as an ingredient.


"According to the adage, nostalgia is a powerful narcotic. It's true on social media, too."

Games and movies are being remade, with sometimes poor quality but still get sales in the box office due to it. Nostalgia is, without a doubt, lucrative.

Retro-style games are quite popular. There are now a plethora of pixel-style games on the market, such as Narita Boy and Star Renegades, which have updated the style.

With its blocky style, chunky pixels, and overall feel of nostalgia, Minecraft is a calling card to simpler times.

In recent years, Minecraft has been branching out and experimenting with new genres. It's possible that Minecraft Earth has failed and failed spectacularly.

As an isometric Diablo-like, Minecraft Dungeons thrived as a continuation of the original concept. These social media posts pique my interest in what may come.

The potential of pixel art is for Minecraft to experiment with other genres without having to delve into photo-realistic visuals and technology.

We would all love to see a Minecraft game that focuses on farming, community building, and light isometric RPG combat.

Not to mention a Pokemon-style RPG? A game that incorporates some of the creatures and creatures they imagined for Minecraft Earth?

The possibilities are limitless. All we know is that the new Minecraft based games are going to be nostalgic in nature.

2 New Minecraft Based Games to Be Released by Mojang - 2

When Can I Play These New Minecraft Games


"These games can be expected within the next couple of years. 2022 and 2023 would be a good guess."

In many ways, Mojang has to deal with a larger audience than Microsoft itself, with one of the most popular games in history.

Minecraft has grown into a cultural phenomenon, even more so than it was as a game.

The Mojang social team has been creating pixel art for imaginary Minecraft games in Instagram constantly.

Time can tell on when we can play them. However, it is certain we can expect them within the next following years.

We might also get to see some previews and teasers in the next Minecraft Live.

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