Mojang Minecraft Accounts To Be Migrated to Microsoft 

 Last Modified October 4, 2021

 Published October 4, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Mojang Minecraft Accounts To Be Migrated to Microsoft - 2

Mojang Minecraft Accounts To Be Migrated to Microsoft on 2021, 7 years later after buying it. On September 15, 2014 Microsoft bought out Mojang; the company who created of Minecraft for a whopping $2.5B.

Mojang was bought out by Microsoft where Mojang will still make their own game updates, but Microsoft will help Mojang with more wider aspects of the game.


Microsoft made a significant move with the acquisition of Mojang and their popular sandbox game Minecraft.

The titanic tech company that has one of the most popular games in history among its titles just added a new item to it's archives.

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"But Mojang accounts will still exist after Microsoft takes over, only Mojang account's exclusives features won't be compatible."

Mojang Minecraft Accounts To Be Migrated to Microsoft on 2021

Mojang accounts are now tied to Microsoft accounts as a result of this.

Players must migrate their accounts to Microsoft before they become inactive, which is inconvenient.

Once Microsoft takes over, Mojang accounts won't be compatible with Minecraft Windows 10 edition so they will migrate you to a Xbox Live account, meaning if you had an Xbox One or Xbox 360 you could play your Mojang account on it.

This includes Realms and some Mojang exclusive content from the older versions of Minecraft for now since those will eventually become obsolete as well.

To summarize, this implies that players must join Microsoft in order to continue playing Minecraft. Whether you're using an iPhone, a Nintendo Switch, or a PlayStation 5, all of the players will have the same Microsoft account to use.

After successfully migrating your account you can a limited edition cape which your character can wear in the game.

If you are afraid of having lost Data, there is no need to worry as all of your PvP resource packs, shaders and mods will be there as long as it is saved in your local directory.

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Mojang the Upstart

Mojang started it's humble beginnings on May 17, 2009. Mojang is a Swedish video game company that created Minecraft. It was founded by Markus "Notch" Persson.

Mojang started with 19 employees and around 50+ contractors that work with them on small projects.


"Mojang started out in Notch's apartment where he made his first version of what would become one of the biggest video games ever."

They are currently based out of Stockholm, Sweden. The company is currently being valued at $1.7B which is a bit lower than the buyout price.

Minecraft is not only Mojang's most successful game but one of if not the most popular video games up to date behind Tetris and Pokemon Go.

The difference between them all though is Minecraft had more than 100M registered users as opposed to Tetris with less than 10M, Pokemon Go with around 65M.

Mojang Minecraft Accounts To Be Migrated to Microsoft - 1

Microsoft the Titan

Purchasing Mojang was one of the biggest power plays that a company has ever done in the recent years.

Microsoft is an American technology company that has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The Mojang deal also included the Mojang's subsidiary called Oxeye game studio.


"Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world and it's Mojang acquisition was one of many which included their purchase of Nokia's phone branch for $7B."

Mojang Minecraft accounts to be migrated to Microsoft on 2021. It is already evident and is definitely not going to change.

With Mojang being under the wing of one of the most successful tech companies in the world it's only bright skies ahead for them.


"Get a free limited edition cape when you migrate to Microsoft"

Mojang Minecraft Accounts To Be Migrated to Microsoft - migration cape

How to Migrate From Mojang To Microsoft

It's not as complicated as it sounds. It only takes around 5 minutes to complete the entire migration process.

Also, you won't loose anything. All of your saved games, maps, skins, capes, and other personal information will be kept safe.

Here is how to Migrate from Mojang to Microsoft:

  1. Log into Minecraft account.
  2. Click the "It's Your Turn To Move" text which you can find below the launcher.
  3. Click on "Move my Account".
  4. Verify your account by entering the provided code in the Mojang game account.
  5. Enter the code afterwards you will need to click "Submit and Start Migration".
  6. A new email and password will be required.
  7. You may link your existing Microsoft Account using the option "Existing Microsoft Account" rather than "Create a new Microsoft account."
  8. Confirm the date of birth and nation you were born in.
  9. Create a gamertag and select a profile image from the options.
  10. Click on "Let's Move"

After following the procedures and about 5 minutes you should have completed the entire migration process. Log-in with the Microsoft account, then wear your new awesome cape.

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