Famous Minecraft YouTuber Dies of COVID-19 

 Last Modified September 20, 2021

 Published September 16, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Famous Minecraft YouTuber Urge Fans to Get Vaccinated for COVID-19 - main

COVID-19 complications caused Brandon Ashur, or also known as Toasty or Bashurverse, to pass away at the age of 36.

On her personal Facebook page, Anesa Ashur announced the death of her brother, the Minecraft veteran.


"My brother fought covid and unfortunately lost the battle,"

The streaming channel was originally known for his Minecraft videos. He has around 1.6 million subscribers and is also the creator of the popular Let's Play series ToastyTime.


Brandon Ashur

Brandon is a Youtuber and Streamer. He was best known for being one of the originators of making Minecraft cool.

Brandon began his career as a gaming commentator with the site Newgrounds. A few years later, he finally started to play Minecraft and Youtube became his full-time commitment.

To make his videos, Brandon used a green screen and spatial audio to create funny videos and challenges that made a huge trend during his time.

On several occasions he also makes jokes and does awesome gameplays and highlight reels.


It is one of the first YouTube channels which made Minecraft mainstream. He featured let's play videos which were fun and informative.

The popular YouTuber began uploading videos in 2010, when he launched his YouTube channel. He created Minecraft series with mods like The Legend Of Hobo and 99 Diamonds Challenge to expand it.

His channel had grown gradually until it hit over one million subscribers. In 2015 his career began to decline after a 2004 arrest record and photo were published on the internet, causing him to lose the hype that he was building.


In April 2017, Bashur erased all of his YouTube videos and changed his banner and profile photo to a black bar. He also took the liberty of changing his username from "Bashur" to "-."

After that incident, he deleted all of his social media accounts and completely remained invisible in the internet. On 2019, he came back from nowhere and made a come back on YouTube under the new brad ToastyTime.

However, on early 2020 he stopped making videos through a blog and announced that he will be relocating to Australia.

On May 2021, he then came back to the United States after his mom had passed away.

Since then he has been streaming on Twitch and uploaded some occasional YouTube videos before he died from COVID-19.

Famous Minecraft YouTuber Urge Fans to Get Vaccinated for COVID-19 - 2


COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease which causes respiratory problems to an individual. The effects can range from mild to fatal.

In addition, the other symptoms include swelling of the throat, coughing blood from the throat, losing vision in one eye and other symptoms similar to old age.

The infection usually starts with a headache and progresses to a fever until it becomes fatal.

The disease usually lasts for 1-2 weeks and the infected person may die of respiratory problems.

On August 12, 2021, Ashur announced that he had contracted COVID-19 for already 5 days after contracting it from his father.

On the following days he would tweet about his deteriorating health after contracting the malignant disease.

After that, he continuously gave some updates about his health as he get some encouragement and support from his friends and fans.

His last tweet was on August 27, 2021 where he tweeted a sarcastic message about the horrible effects of COVID. After a few days, he died.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Before passing away , Ashur wanted to spread awareness about covid. He also urged his fans to demand vaccinations against COVID-19.

Ashur was the first victim of the pandemic and became a pioneer in spreading awareness for this terrible disease.

In one of his tweets he urged his fans to get vaccinated. 

Minecraft Legacy

Although Toasty isn't exactly known as one of the best PvP players in Minecraft he is still given some praises due to his challenges and lets play videos in the past.

The 99 Diamonds Challenge was one of the most famous Minecraft video series during his prime. It is still being considered today was one of the reasons why Minecraft became as big as it is today.

Brandon Ashur or Toasty will be remembered as one of the Minecraft Veterans who paved the way for present Minecraft superstars.

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