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Do you think you are a hardcore Minecraft Player? Test your mettle with our Minecraft Quiz and see how good you really are! Click on Begin to start!


Who is the last boss of Minecraft?

trivia question 10
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What ore can you construct complex machines with?

trivia question 6
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Who is the first main protagonist in Minecraft?

trivia question 2
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How does a charged Creeper spawn?

trivia question 9
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How many slabs of iron ore are used to make one iron ingot?

trivia question 8
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Which equipment must you utilize to mine stone and ores in 'Minecraft?

Minecraft Trivia Question 1
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What are Creepers afraid of?

trivia question 4
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When was 'Minecraft' officially released?

trivia question 3
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What can you wear to avoid Enderman ambushing you?

trivia question 5
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What do zombies drop, if pigs drop pork chops and skeletons drop bones ?

trivia question 7
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Minecraft Trivia Challenge – Test your Minecraft IQ

trivia result 11

You are new to the game. Try to learn new things about Minecraft and keep exploring the endless world.
Adept Player

trivia result 22

You know your way in the game and have the necessary experience and knowledge to survive and gather valuable resources
Minecraft Pro

trivia result 3

You definitely know how to play Minecraft and can go into any dungeon single handedly. You have amazing knowledge of Minecraft and have defeated the Ender Dragon.
Minecraft God

trivia result 4

You are a Minecraft God! You have already replayed the game so many times that you already memorize all of the formula and have proper knowledge on how to finish the game fast. You have already probably attempted speed runs and world records.

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