Turn Minecraft Into A Lego Game With MineBricks 

 Last Modified September 9, 2021

 Published September 8, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

MineBricks - 1

MineBricks, a resource pack transforms Minecraft into a Lego game.

If you were born before Minecraft became a phenomenon then you would have noticed that it sort of resembles Lego.


From the blocky shapes and the fact that you can create just about everything that you can think of makes the resemblance even more uncanny.

A pack creator that goes by the name of Macio6 Productions a mod for Minecraft which transforms Minecraft as if it was made a Lego. 


This completely changes Minecraft and makes it into a Lego game.


"MineBricks will make the game look like it's made with Legos and what's best is the gameplay feels different despite it being the same game with different textures"

MineBricks - 2

Legos in Minecraft

The Minecraft blocks are changed to Lego bricks, which are much smaller. It also changes the Minecraft mobs, they are given mini figure skins.

Another transformation that occurs when you used this mod is the tools and armor are redesigned to look like Lego weapons and pieces of Lego armor.

It doesn't stop there. With the MineBricks mod the villagers are turned into mini figures that have different professions in which they sell things based on their profession.

And finally, Minecraft's GUI is also modified so it looks more like a traditional Minecraft GUI but it also has lego styled buttons in them.

To add as a cherry on top you can use any of the Top Minecraft shaders to make Minecraft look even more Lego-like than it already does . 

As of now the mod is available for both single player Minecraft and for servers running Minecraft 1.16.5. 


"There currently isn't an official release for 1.17. However, a compatible version which works with the Caves & Cliffs Update is bound to be developed"

Legos & Minecraft

This resource pack is absolutely incredible. However, did you know that Lego has also produced Minecraft toys under the Lego brand?

They have already released several Minecraft themed Lego sets.

There is no bad blood or rivalry between both of these blocky brands.

People might have mistaken that since they are somewhat of the same niche that they could be rivals.

In actuality, they are even working together to make the game and actual toys be more entertaining.


"Lego has already worked with Minecraft in the past by releasing Minecraft themed Lego sets. LEGO Minecraft The Taiga Adventure Building Toy is currently the best seller."

Minecraft Resource Packs

To be completely specific, MineBricks is not a mod. Rather, it is a resource pack which can be easily installed. 

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to Make this texture pack work for your saved Game.

Minecraft Resource Packs or Texture Packs are customized sprites and resources which modify the game's textures to make them look like a certain theme.

In this one, it transforms the game and replaces all of the textures with Lego themes.

If you would like to try this resource pack you can download MineBricks.

Not Created by Mojang

As we have mentioned in the previous details within this article, this MineBricks was created by Macio6 Productions and not an official add-on by Mojang or Microsoft.

However, modding frontier curseforge is one of the entities responsible for hosting downloads for this resource pack. 


"Although this resource pack is not an official plug-in or DLC from Mojang, we assure you that it is safe and has no viruses."

For All Ages

Minecraft is one of the most popular games played today because of its game base.

Minecraft's Lego Minecraft texture pack has created a whole new Minecraft subculture with Minecraft players building their own Lego Minecraft creations.

Legos are not only enjoyed by Kids but even adults like playing around with them every now and again.

Minecraft players love playing Minecraft because it allows imagination to run wild without any limitations.

MineBricks combines Lego and Minecraft creating an ultimate game to be enjoyed for all ages.

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