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Minecraft House - Villa Padronale is a gorgeous villa compound based on Spanish and other European influences that transports you to a sunny la casa. Read on to find out all about this beautiful build.

What is Villa Padronale?

Villa Padronale is a beautiful Minecraft base that is full of amazing modern architecture and fantastic Spanish flair. A perfect home for any sun-seeking Minecraft player.

What is Villa Padronale like to play?

Playing with this villa is a lovely experience. Villa Padronale excels in its massive amount of rooms and sprawling property space that gives you and your friends (if you wish) a ton of room to build, destroy or simply to enjoy the scenery.

And with the wide selection of rooms to choose from, you also have a wide selection of amenities and other areas to make use of. Some of these include pools, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, a kitchen, dining rooms, a studio, gardens, gazebos, vegetable garden and even a beach volleyball court.

This might seem a bit daunting, and honestly it sort of is. This kind of space is great for multiplayer play, but if you’re playing solo you might find yourself running out of ideas to fill out all those rooms.

Inside of the many buildings of this villa, the creator has taken a minimalist and modern approach to interior design. In the various rooms you’ll find basic and stripped back furniture and decoration that keeps the building feeling structured and de-cluttered.

There is also a lot of windows throughout the property, keeping the light levels high during the day and allowing the property to breath into its lush and extravagant backdrop.

The building materials consists mostly of smooth and white materials to keep the house looking linear, clear, and contrasting. Because of this, the construction of the build, as well as the natural backdrop surrounding the property, look incredibly realistic.

There’s an almost natural feeling to the entire build, as if the project had been based on a real life building. The problem with this is that it doesn’t translate perfectly to survival Minecraft. Although the build is great as a spectacle in creative, there aren’t any facilities for proper farming, crafting or mining.

To summarise, if you and your friends are fans of lavish and minimalist Minecraft builds, you’ll have no better place to set up your server than in the amazingly beautiful Villa Padronale. If you want to carry out your Minecraft projects in the company of luxury accommodation, or simply just want to chill out in a well-made Minecraft build, download this map and give it a go.

What are the pros of Villa Padronale?

✔ Large, wide reaching villa

✔ Beautiful modern style

✔ Great for a multiplayer server

What are the cons of Villa Padronale?

X Too large for singleplayer play

X Modern style may put off some players

X No dedicated areas for mining

How do I install Villa Padronale?

Looking for some Spanish flair to add to your Minecraft playthrough? Look no further, and carry on to read our step by step guide on installing Minecraft maps.

Once you’ve downloaded Villa Padronale, you need to export the file with a file extractor. When you’ve done this, move the fold to the directory where your Minecraft saves are located. This directory will be different depending on your operating system as illustrated below:

macOS~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

If you’d like to use Villa Padronale as the new sunny hub for your Minecraft server, the first step is to locate where your server stores its world folder. This is different depending on what software or server client you use. But, when you do find it, simply replace the world folder with the Villa Padronale folder.

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