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Minecraft House - Island House is an ultra modern island getaway designed to put you in one of the sleekest of Minecraft bases around. Want to live like a blocky billionaire? Keep reading!

What is Island House?

It’s safe to say that Island House is modern, to say the least. Based on the kind of homes only available to the filthy rich, Island House boasts a lot of present-day design and contemporary charm.

What is Island House like to play with?

The Island House map is certainly a fancy survival map to play with. Its unique and modern design takes a lot of inspiration from real-life swanky pads and this can lead to a different style of gameplay.

I found the overall layout of the house to be clear, and I didn’t have any instances of getting lost, which can happen easily with Minecraft builds.  The house almost seems to flow naturally and you’ll easily be able to travel between rooms without getting disoriented or lost. The general aesthetic of the house is impressive and is composed of lots of different sized rectangles with wide reaching windows to maintain that contemporary look.

That said, the house’s decor is a little basic but pulls a lot of modern punches with its white marble ceilings and floors. The mixed use of materials however can look a little gaudy with the original Minecraft resource pack and I’d definitely recommend using a more stylised resource pack, even one that is specifically for modern builds.

I would have liked to see the creator’s own unique designs for furniture. With such a modern build style there is a lot of potential for lots of cleverly made furniture such as chairs, tables and even sculptures.

One bugbear for me is the impracticality of the build. There’s certainly enough space for you to make your own mark on the place, but some aspects give the impression that less emphasis was put on making the building usable in a survival context. This is most clear in features such as the helicopter pad, which you won’t find much use for within vanilla Minecraft.

That said, the space does have clear effort towards making this a comfortable space to play in. The rooms, walkways and halls are wide and spacious and have plenty of space to create dedicated areas for storage or redstone quackery. The little detail of a boat jetty is also a nice detail.

All in all, this is a lovely space to jump into a new Minecraft survival. If you want a base that shows off your enjoyment for the finer things in life, and you’ve been hankering to plant yourself as far away from anyone else you can possibly get, then definitely give Island House a go.

What are the positives about Island House?

✔Modern design

✔Clever use of space

✔Amenities included

What are the negatives about Island House?

X Impractical elements

X Not many rooms for storage

X No farming or mining resources

How do I install Island House?

Feel like you need to jetset off to your own private island getaway? No problem. Keep reading on to see our quick guide to installing Minecraft maps.

Once you have downloaded the Island House map, export the contents of the download using a file extractor (such as Winrar). Once that’s finished, take the unzipped file and copy it to your Minecraft saves folder. Depending on your operating system, you can find your saves folder in the following directories:

macOS~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

When that’s done, just select the Island House save when in the singleplayer save menu.

If you’re looking to use this island build for some multiplayer action, just replace the world save folder with the downloaded Island House folder. The location of this will vary depending on which server client you use.

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