Real Goats Used to Voice Minecraft Goats 

 Last Modified September 26, 2021

 Published September 23, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Minecraft Goats Used Real Goats as Voice Over -main

If you were ever wondering how Mojang got those new Minecraft Goats to scream so realistically turns out they used real goats to do the voiceovers.

That's right you heard that correctly. Real goats.


In a studio somewhere in Stockholm, Mojang called up the local zoo and persuaded them to lend a few goats that they could record for their newest update, The Highlands.

And boy did the goats lend themselves well to these screams of death and destruction.


Minecraft Snowier Snow and Higher Mountains

If you didn't know already Minecraft is this super popular open ended building game were you seemingly build anything from castles to cities!

It got a huge update on the summer of 2021 which included adding higher mountains to scale and heavier snow.

Part of this update was adding Minecraft goats as one of the inhabitants of that specific region.

It's in this update that these new goats got their scary scream.

Mojang themselves have said they were looking to create a more realistic tone for the game and it turns out real goats are more terrifying than weird zombie sounds.

Although it is suggested you don't tell them that or they might get feisty!

Who knows, we might even get to hear more updates about goats on Minecraft Live 2021.


"In the 2020 Minecraft Live, it was announced that these creatures would be coming in the first release of the Caves and Cliffs update of Minecraft."

Minecraft Goats

If you have not played Minecraft for some time now, you might actually be surprised of these fluffy yet terrifying mobs.

Minecraft Goats are white and hairy animals which most of the time live in snowy mountain tops.

They are able to jump high, and at the same time might randomly ram you into oblivion if you get to careless with them.

An awesome idea on the future updates might be if players were able to mount goats and do PvP with them.

Goats have been very popular especially because of their scary and funny goat screams. They might even get updated in the future for more uses.

The player slashing on top of it while the goat would have special ramming skill to bash enemies to the next life.


"Minecraft's screaming goats were inspired by viral screaming goat videos."

Minecraft Goats Used Real Goats as Voice Over -2

Where to Find Minecraft Goats

Goats may be found on the tops of high surfaces, such as cliffs, at a light level of 7 or higher.

It was initially thought that they could only spawn on cliffs and mountains which were covered in snow however upon the official release you can also see them on grassy mountains.

However, it has been very observable that they tend to spawn and roam more often on the day time rather than night.

If you are a lucky you could get the change to see the ever famous screaming Minecraft goats.

They basically are just like any ordinary goat however when you'd probably get startled or laugh when you hear their random screams.

Minecraft Goats Used Real Goats as Voice Over -horns

Goat Horns

You probably saw it coming. Minecraft goats can provide you goat horns. However, there is a twist.

You won't be able to get horns by slaying the goat. If you kill a goat, you'd get nothing.

You will have to let the goat ram at least 1 solid block for it to drop Goat Horns.

These goat horns can be used to make a sound pretty much like Vikings who are preparing for the war. It sounds like the alarm when pillagers attack a village.


Up to 2 horns can be dropped per goat. As of now, aside from making that cool war preparation sound effect there is no other use for goat horns.

However, it has already been speculated that future updates would utilize goat horns better.

Aside from that, you can also milk goats using a bucket. As of now you won't be able to ride them.

Since these animals are so popular, only time would tell how great these Minecraft goats would be utilized further in the future updates.

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