Minecraft FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Minecraft has initially been around since 2009, and officially released in 2011. However, there might still be some questions which you want to ask which have been answered before. Here at minecraft-resourcepacks.com we always try our best to make sure our readers and fans are knowledgeable and dank. We have built a started a Minecraft faq page for you.

Minecraft FAQ


So, we prepared a central FAQ for you to answer most of your Minecraft related questions.

What is the difference between Texture Packs and Resource Packs?

During the early stages of Minecraft specifically before version 1.6.1 players could only modify the texture of the game. Hence the term texture packs. However after 1.6.1 there were already modifications which also altered particle effects, sounds, sprites, entities, and lighting. These modification packs were called resource packs. 

So, essentially, texture packs only modify the textures while resource packs modify other elements of the game such as audio, effects, blocks and more.

What is the default Pixel Resolution for Minecraft?

Vanilla Minecraft without any mods, or packs installed in it runs at 16x16 pixels per block by default. This means that there are a total of only 256 pixels per block in the game. This is the reason why the game looks so pixely or blocky by default. However, people donโ€™t play Minecraft because of the graphics. The freedom to do about almost everything, and build anything is the true pleasure of the game.

You can customize and change the pixel size or pixel resolution of Minecraft by installing a Texture Pack or Resource Pack to the game. However, do note that by default Minecraft does not support pixel sizes above 16x16, so if you are looking to install a pack of higher pixel resolutions you will need to download and install Optifine first.

What is the difference between Minecraft pixel resolutions? (8x , 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 256x, 512x, 1024x)

The default pixel resolution of Minecraft is 16x16. This means that there are 16x16 pixels in a block. To be specific, there would be 256 pixels in a single block. Adding more pixels to a block would make the pixels more dense hence making it look smoother. 

Therefore if you would use a higher pixel resolution texture pack or resource pack it would improve the overall look making the game seem more crisp and smoother. However, if you have a weaker device do know that it could affect your FPS and game performance. 

By default Minecraft does not support pixel resolutions higher than 16x that is why you need to use Optifine to make it compatible. Do not that other people have coined the term โ€œPixel Sizeโ€ instead. Also note that the higher the pixel size, the higher requirements it would need to run.

The higher the pixel resolution the more pixels there are in a block in Minecraft. Please refer to the table below for more info on how pixel resolutions.

Pixel Resolution/Pixel Size

Total Number of Pixels Per Block

















Will Resource Packs from Newer versions of Minecraft Work for Older Versions?

No, different versions of Minecraft have different coding and/or item IDs being used within them. A texture pack for Minecraft 1.16.5 will not work for 1.8.9 or other lower versions since they have a CIT(Custom Item Texture) coding difference. Some people claim that it might work however, be warned that doing so might break your game. So, it would be safe and evident to only use texture packs of the same version.

However, do know that sometimes it does work if they have the same main version. For example, a texture pack or resource pack designed for 1.16.5 might work for 1.16.1. This is because they still have some similarities in their CIT(Custom Item Texture) coding. But, be warned that it might still have glitches, bugs and might break your saved game.

It is always advised to only use the same version of texture or resource pack specifically for your game. Note that this rule does not apply to Shaders as they can mostly be used for multiple versions.

How to Add Texture Packs to Your Minecraft World?

This question is definitely one to be on the Minecraft FAQ. This is because newer players, and younger players might be totally new to modifying Minecraft. However, this question is not hard to answer at all. When you download a texture pack or resource pack you can quickly let it load by simply moving the zipped file to your Minecraft "resource packs" folder.

After you have successfully moved it. Simply activate the texture pack or resource pack in-game through resource packs settings. And, viola! You can easily add the texture pack to your Minecraft world may it be a saved game or an entirely new game.

You can read our more detailed step-by-step instructions by reading our full guide on How to install Resource Packs for Minecraft, or How to Install Texture Packs for Minecraft.

Can you Stack Resource Packs?

Yes, you may be able to stack a number of texture packs. You can activate them at the same time however, other texture packs might not load when they are positioned lower. Except if the previous texture pack on the list does not have that texture pack modification or alteration. The texture pack which is positioned higher on your list would have load priorities.

When a texture pack is being loaded, it is added to the list of active packs on the right side of your resource packs menu screen. Minecraft's load order is chronological. This means that it will look for assets on the upper part of your activated textures packs list.

Can I Use Two Texture Packs at the Same Time?

Yes, you are able to use two or more texture packs. Given that they do not overlap the textures of the other pack. For example, you are using a texture pack which replaces only the diamond sword ; you can also use a texture pack which replaces the golden sword, iron sword and etc. If you use two texture packs which replaces the diamond sword, then the texture pack which is higher in the load order would be loaded.

You can only use two texture packs together if they do not overlap the textures that they replace. If you do so, it depends on the load order. Which ever is higher on the load order of your active packs list will be loaded.

Can My Resource Pack Be Seen By Other Players on My Realm?

No, resource packs and texture packs are client side. This means that only the player who has purchased or installed the texture pack is able to see it. Other players in your realm or server are unable to see the same texture packs being loaded as you. In order to see the same texture packs, you and the other players must purchase or install the same texture pack or resource pack as you.

However, when it comes to skins, it is another story. Everyone would be able to see the skin that you are using. 

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