Top 5 Things you need to Learn and Know About Minecraft Dungeons

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 25, 2020
Updated: May 25, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 25, 2020
Updated: May 25, 2020

What are the Top 5 Things you need to Learn and Know About Minecraft Dungeons? Although lots of you reading might be pros when it comes to all parts of Minecraft trivia and know-how, Minecraft Dungeons is a brand new entry into the Minecraft universe, complete with all of its own unique game mechanics and top tips for better play. Looking for more information on one of the most anticipated games of this year? Read on to hear all the things you need to learn and know about Minecraft Dungeons.

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Introductions on Minecraft Dungeons

If you’ve somehow missed the news, Minecraft Dungeons is the latest entry into the Minecraft franchise of games. Although, this entry is a bit of a far cry from the standard creative Minecraft game mechanics. Instead of building epic cities or designing complex Redstone contraptions, this game focuses on some isometric RPG style gameplay in the vein of classic games like Diablo.


In this new Minecraft spinoff, you’ll have the chance to battle your way through an onslaught of enemies either alone or with friends. Slash, hack, and explode across new and exciting locations in chase of a brand new baddie named the Arch-Illager.

The Minecraft Dungeons Story Lore and Synopsis

Top 5 Things you need to Learn and Know About Minecraft Dungeons

1. There’s A Story to be Told

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a game with Minecraft attached to it would not bother much with a concrete story. After all, a lot of Minecraft’s charm comes from its ability to let you do whatever you want, whenever you want. But in the case of Dungeons, the developers have opted for a pre-designed narrative story that takes you on a wild adventure through the world of Minecraft.

There’s even an end that has been the subject of much discussion online. Though fans can rest assured that the ending for this game will be much better received than the end of vanilla Minecraft. The developers on Dungeons have explicitly discussed their interest in making the ending a satisfying and enjoyable experience that will have a bit of a surprise thrown into the mix too.


2. It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Much as is the case with regular Minecraft, the experience of running through a world made entirely of blocks is even more fun when you do it with friends. Luckily, Minecraft Dungeons is designed for 4 players online and couch-coop play, meaning you can hack and slash with up to three of your friends over the internet or on the same sofa. And don’t worry, there is plenty of loot and plenty of enemies to go around.

3. A Classic Style Without Classes

It’s clear from the get-go that Minecraft Dungeons is heavily inspired by the isometric RPG video game genre. And with that same point, the game clearly lends a lot of its game mechanics from those games as well.

And yet, according to the game’s developers, classes will be totally absent from the game. Instead of pigeonholing your character into a single class type, you’ll be able to dynamically change your hero’s class by changing up your equipment. If you decide that you’d rather be a light-footed ranger then you can simply don some appropriate armor. In the same way, you can instantly become a tank character by equipping heavy armor.

4. Looting, but No Lootboxes

From the gameplay videos we’ve seen so far, we know for certain that Minecraft Dungeons will feature a lot of looting. Whether it’s from item drops, chests, or fallen enemies, players will be able to search constantly for better and more impressive weapons and armor.

Thankfully, Mojang and the developers of Minecraft Dungeons have specifically called out the increased use of loot boxes and microtransactions in gaming’s biggest hits over the past few years. All gear and items will be found in-game and you won’t have to spend any additional money just to obtain better in-game equipment.

5. Dungeons and Delay

Like all good things, Minecraft Dungeons will come to those who wait. Unfortunately, the wait might be a bit longer than we all had expected. Originally the game had been set to release in April of 2020, with trailers and announcements being shown with that release date years prior. However, due to the unexpected effects of COVID-19, the game has seen a slight delay to May, with the new release date being May 26th, 2020.

The Full Minecraft dungeons Gameplay Review - 2

Who is the main antagonist in Minecraft Dungeons?

Though Minecraft Dungeons adds a whole new selection of mobs and creatures to battle, there’s one particular foe that you and your friends will be chasing throughout the Dungeons story: the Arch-Illager.

This creepy little guy is instantly recognizable. With a short and wide head, The Arch-Illager also dons large, menacing eyebrows that make him totally different from all other illagers in appearance. He’s also got a tendency to have a bit of a temper, and won’t shy away from doing whatever it takes to stop you and your gang of heroes from getting in his way.

According to the game’s lore, the Arch-Illager was once a young illager excluded from regular villager society. Leaving into the wilderness, the Arch-Illager discovered a source of awesome power hidden deep inside of a mountain named the Orb of Dominance. With the Orb safely in his clutches, and with a heart full of revenge, Archie soon took complete control over the other illagers, swearing revenge on all of villager-kind.

That’s where you (and up to three other friends) come in. It’s your job to stop the Arch-Illager’s sinister plot and save the villager population from total destruction. 

Minecraft Dungeons Controls and Combat Guide

What can you do to be stronger in Minecraft Dungeons?

The quickest and best way to become more powerful in this game is through enchantments. Minecraft Dungeons comes with a whole upgrade and enchantment system that is much more fleshed out than the systems in the vanilla version of Minecraft. 

Essentially, enchantments are random buffs that are associated with a new loot that you find throughout the game. To unlock the bonuses on your gear, you will need to use up enchantment points in a similar vein to vanilla Minecraft. An enchantment is different on each individual piece of gear, so all the weapons you find will have something different between them.

Apparently, these enchantments can be used to exude some pretty devastating effects on the game’s mobs and enemies. Although some of these results are ridiculously over the top, the devs have specifically said that this is their intention as it keeps the game fun to play.

Conclusions about Minecraft Dungeons

Safe to say that Minecraft Dungeons, although a fair bit different from vanilla Minecraft, is going to be an amazing game. Best played with a group of fellow heroes but equally solid when played solo, this exciting addition to the Minecraft game franchise is something we are all looking forward to.

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