Angler Battler: How to use fishing Rods for battles in Minecraft Dungeons

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 27, 2020
Updated: May 27, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 27, 2020
Updated: May 27, 2020

You guessed it, you can use a Rod to battle in Minecraft Dungeons just like Minecraft. Weโ€™ve all probably put far too many hours into most video games, let alone just fishing in Minecraft. The activity proves to make its way into most releases in some form of another, offering a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of regular gameplay, giving the player the opportunity to take the weight off their feet for a little while. But thatโ€™s certainly not the case in this game!! Keep reading to see how to use fishing rods for battles in Minecraft Dungeonsย 

Fishing Rods in Minecraft Dungeons

Maybe a fishing rod isnโ€™t the first thing you think of as a weapon. And frankly, Iโ€™d say thatโ€™s a lack of creativity on your part. But thatโ€™s beside the point.

Although the fishing rod in Minecraft Dungeons doesnโ€™t allow you to fish per se, it does give you an awesome advantage over your enemies, letting you pull them towards you with lightning-fast speed. This is a great way to keep mobs on their toes and allows you and your party to disperse large groups of enemies more effectively. Simply cast off towards your enemy and reel them in. Itโ€™s like shooting fish in a barrel. Sorry.

Fishing Rods and Minecraft

Dungeons arenโ€™t certainly the first time that fishing rods have always been used for things other than fishing in Minecraft. In fact, many friendships have been ruined (and forged) from reeling in unsuspecting players with the use of the item.

Of course, the rod has been in the game for quite some time, allowing players to access food sources from the water, but the rod also is used to control saddled pigs as well as the newly added strider mob.

How to use the fishing rod for fighting in Minecraft Dungeons

Using the fishing rod is actually fairly simple, and doesnโ€™t require a fishing rod item like in vanilla Minecraft.

The fishing rod is actually an artifact. These are skills and tools in Minecraft Dungeons that have devastating effects on the battlefield, and all come with cooldowns after use. Some artifacts increase your speed while others create bombastic explosions, however, the fishing rod does something pretty unique; it pulls your enemies towards you at a super-fast speed.

Once you have access to the fishing rod artifact, all you need to do is activate it like any other artifact found in the game. The cooldown is fairly short for the fishing rod too, meaning you can use it frequently in battle.

Things to remember when fighting with a fishing Rod

  • Use the fishing rod as frequently as possible. The cooldown after using the fishing rod is fairly short compared to some of the other artifacts, so use the ability as much as you can to maximize the tools available to you. 
  • Combine different artifact usage with the fishing rod. Got an artifact that can create a huge blast around you? Why not grab a mob hook, line, and sinker and then activate another artifact to take them out? You can get quite creative with some cleverly timed artifact deployment, so try experimenting a little bit. 
  • Be tactical with the fishing rod. Is there one enemy that is really giving you and your team some bother? Use the fishing rod to break up large groups of enemies and give your party a better chance at victory. A quick reel of an evoker or skeleton could give your team the upper hand in a particularly fishy situation. 
  • Each time you reel an enemy with the fishing rod artifact, the mob will be stunned for a short duration. This is very useful if you need to focus your attention on some weaker mobs in order to give yourself some more space to breathe. Players can also alternate use of the fishing rod to keep stunning particularly annoying mobs while the rest of the team cuts through the minions. 
  • Melee attacks and even ranged attacks can be halted from being executed if the fishing rod is used. If you see an enemy lining up a shot on you or your friends, quick use of the rod artifact will stun the enemy and will cancel any attack they had planned. This can be very useful if you find yourself low on health and need a way to stagger any surrounding mobs. 
  • The fishing rod may not be a weapon or item, but it is an artifact that youโ€™ll need to discover before being able to use it. This seems to happen fairly quickly and youโ€™ll most likely discover the artifact after going through the gameโ€™s early levels. 
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