Will Minecraft Dungeons be Multiplayer?

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 28, 2020
Updated: May 28, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 28, 2020
Updated: May 28, 2020

One of the questions being asked about the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons game is that, will Minecraft Dungeons be Multiplayer? In short, yes, it is confirmed to support Multiplayer, so you can play with your friends in fighting together in all the difficulties, now another question is, what kind of multiplayer, and does Minecraft Dungeons support crossplay?

Will Minecraft Dungeons be Multiplayer?

Minecraft Dungeons Co-op

Minecraft Dungeons will feature a four-person co-op multiplayer game mode, Locally and Online, and nothing else beyond that since four-person co-op is the common multiplayer mode for Dungeon Crawler games like Minecraft Dungeons. It is enough for you to play with your three other friends or family members in exploring Minecraft Dungeons together and enjoying the game.

As far as we know, Minecraft Dungeons does not support online Matchmaking which is said by the developers, due to Minecraft Dungeons being entirely intended to play with friends, so it will most likely be just local and online co-op play, which would probably only feature an invitational system, so you can invite your friends to join your in-game lobby and play together.

Minecraft Dungeons co-op will also implement a mechanic where the game is able to change difficulty, amount of enemies that will spawn and the amount of loot that will be adjusted to how many players are in a session, so we can expect a more challenging atmosphere when there are all 4 players together compared to just you alone, or a partner.

Minecraft Dungeons Crossplay

Another Multiplayer feature that is being asked around the community is whether Minecraft Dungeons supports crossplay? Sadly, it doesn’t on release, but Mojang the developers of Minecraft Dungeons have said that they will be working on a Crossplay feature for PC and Xbox One players in the near future after the launching of Minecraft Dungeons since crossplay between Xbox and PC players is a common necessity in today’s games for Microsoft published games and an in-demand feature for games like Minecraft.

On the other hand, for consoles like the PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch still remains unconfirmed but still up in the “planning” stages of the development team due to most games being released on the PlayStation or Switch don’t really end up supporting a Multiplayer crossplay feature due to competitiveness between companies. Well, things might change since this is Minecraft, a popular game, so don’t let that stop you from getting the new Minecraft Dungeons game, if you’re either of two consoles aforementioned above, as the developers said, they are aiming to implement crossplay on all available platforms for everyone to enjoy together.

How to win as a team in Minecraft Dungeons

Even though Dungeon-crawler games can be achieved with you being alone, it’s also a team-built game for people to work together in clearing out dungeons, and defeating the boss, hence why we said earlier that difficulties in co-op mode will be adjusted.

Minecraft Dungeons is one of those games that depend on teamwork when the difficulty is higher which makes a team of 4 different character roles importance to making things easier for you. In Minecraft Dungeons case compared to games like it, it’s more simplistic, as long as you know what to Build with your character, and what your designated teammate’s roles are assigned to, you will win in your team fights.

The common roles each of your teammates should have when playing RPG games is Support, Tank, Damage-dealer, and Range. Which makes up of 4 roles for a four-person co-op team, each role has their own specific task during a fight, obviously, a Support role would Heal, Buff, and Debuff enemies and teammates, a Tank role goes straight into the battle, being the “bait”, and enduring the damage for the team, Ranges are roles that poke enemies from afar which acts as a supporting and Damage-dealing role, and the last which is the Damage Dealer, the one that does the killing, mostly being a melee build.

Minecraft Dungeons isn’t hard, nor it was made to be “hard”, compared to other dungeon-crawling RPGs out there, but in the end, Minecraft Dungeons has their own twist to make it hard, so it’s recommended to keep in mind that having a team which is diverse in roles will be useful and it’s the most common strategy to pick.

Although, I can’t say for sure if you play in a team that lacks 1 or 2 roles, for example, if your team consists of all Damage-dealing builds and no tank. It wouldn’t necessarily make things harder, but like what I said Minecraft Dungeons isn’t strict with their mechanics, and how a team should be tactically formed, because technicality isn’t a Minecraft thing, and it’s not surprising to see Minecraft Dungeons take a simple approach to this genre considering it’s Minecraft overall. Well, in the end, it comes down to how you set up your team with a tanky build, supporting build, or the build that does the most damage would always be the best way to go.

Multiplayer Pro Tips for Minecraft Dungeons

It will be quite exciting to play Minecraft Dungeons at its highest difficulty when we are with our friends, so to prepare for the challenges coming, we will write down few Multiplayer Tips to give you a head start and to keep in mind when you get to play Minecraft Dungeons on release with your friends.

Always change up your gear or Character Build,

Although, you’ll probably stick with 1 type for a while when you’re new until you get more loot. It’s progressively good to get used to different Builds and constantly changing your equipment for the next Dungeon you’ll be clearing. Mainly because it’s a good practice to experience different character builds, because Multiplayer is always about adjusting your character build with your team and the enemies you might face, who knows, you might get tired of your current character build, so being diverse is always good.

Never forget to refill your Potions, and use your Artifacts

Since co-op would likely be more challenging for players, never forget to resupply with what you need to boost your strength, regenerate health, and always equip with the necessary Artifacts because they are just as vital in Minecraft Dungeons in being a game-changer. Always recheck your supplies before you head into the fight with your team as you don’t want to run out of supplies in the middle of exploring a Dungeon.


Communication is key for Multiplayer in achieving your objectives, and of course, there’s no need to be shy because it will be with your friends, so always keep talking, and ask for help when you need it.

Hope this article has helped you,

And makes you even more excited to play Minecraft Dungeons with your friends, if you are a PlayStation or Nintendo Switch user and really want crossplay, don’t forget to spread your opinions and concerns about it, the bigger the demand, the more likely that crossplay will be implemented.

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