Minecraft Dungeons Mobs and Bosses Guides and Tips

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 29, 2020
Updated: May 29, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 29, 2020
Updated: May 29, 2020

Since Minecraft Dungeons is nearing to its release date, we will be creating a brief informative article about Minecraft Dungeons Mobs and Bosses Guides and Tips for you to learn and understand about Minecraft Dungeons Mobs and Bosses before the game comes out worldwide so, you can prepare yourself and learn more about the game before you play and encounter them head-on.

Minecraft Dungeons Mobs

There is a variety of Mobs Minecraft Dungeons, some of which are gotten from Minecraft itself, and others entirely made specifically for Minecraft Dungeons, that we can expect to see different types of newly created Mobs and Bosses in Minecraft Dungeons.


There are 3 types of Mobs in Minecraft Dungeons, Passive mobs, Hostile mobs, and Bosses including Mini-bosses. Before we get into the New Mobs, which will be specified and talked about in the next section of the Article. We will focus on the Classic Mobs that we are all too familiar with already being implemented in Minecraft Dungeons, which the Passive mobs are: Cow, Pig, Sheep, Wolf, and VillagerHostile mobs are Cave Spider, Chicken Jockey, Husk, Creeper, Pillager, Silverfish, Skeletons, Slime, Spider, Witch, Zombies, Vindicator, Evoker and Enderman will be added in Minecraft Dungeons.

Though surprisingly, Evoker and Enderman will be considered as Mini-Bosses in Minecraft Dungeons instead of being just a regular hostile mob.


Minecraft Dungeons New Mobs

Now the real question is, what are the new Mobs? There are quite a number of new mobs being implemented in Minecraft Dungeons and they look visually appealing for Minecraft Dungeon’s universe which makes it quite exciting to see them. For the new passive mobs: Key Golem and Piggy Bank, and for the Hostile MobsEnchanter, Geomancer, Skeleton Vanguard, and Wraiths. Which, I do hope that they will add newer mobs in Minecraft Dungeons gradually after release.

Although, little is known about them. The new Hostile Mobs like the Skeleton Vanguard have been proven strong and fierce as they will charge at you until they die, they aren’t a mob to mess around with as their Shields make them last longer in fights, and their pointy spears deal big damage, and when you are facing a lot of them, it would be a nuisance to deal with them.

Passive Mobs like the Key Golem will be useful as their purpose in the game is to unlock doors, and the Piggy Bank mob will drop random loot for the player to collect when eliminating them.

Now what is more exciting are the new Mobs for the Bosses, so keep on reading to know more about them.

Minecraft Dungeons Bosses


It wouldn’t be an RPG if we didn’t have bosses, which makes the game more enjoyable for us players to be challenged. Now there are two categories of Bosses in Minecraft Dungeons, the Mini-bosses, and the Main bosses, which the Mini-bosses are Enderman, Evoker, Redstone Golem, and the Main Bosses being, Redstone Monstrosity, Nameless One, and Arch-illager.

It’s quite exciting to see new mobs being implemented, and some of which look fierce and visually epic. What’s also surprising is that the 2 mobs, Evoker and Enderman from the classical Minecraft game will be considered as Mini-bosses in Minecraft Dungeons, so it will be a nice experience to see them as Bosses and not regular hostile mobs in the game.

Since we have knowledge on what the Minecraft Dungeons Mobs and Bosses are in the game, and their specific categories, we will be detailing an explanatory guide down below on the Minecraft Dungeons Mobs and Bosses, and as well as a Kill guide.

Mob and Boss Kill Guide for Minecraft Dungeons

To prepare you for the upcoming experience in Minecraft Dungeons when it releases on May 26, 2020. This section will guide and share some interesting information that may help and prepare yourself when facing Minecraft Dungeons Mobs and Bosses.

Regular Hostile Mobs:

For the regular Hostile mobs in Minecraft Dungeon, it’s pretty simple to eliminate these mobs as long as you have a good selection of enchantments on your weapon from AOE (Area of Effect) enchantments, magical buffs, and physical buffs on your weapons, and armor, which will be good enough to handle the regular Hostile mobs that will be swarming you constantly when exploring in the dungeons, so keep in mind to have an enchantment or Artifact skills with at least 1 AOE ability to effectively kill swarming mobs.


Mini-bosses are a bit stronger and special compared to the regular Hostile mobs that swarm you in the Dungeons, but Mini-bosses are relatively easy to kill and they don’t have a complex attack pattern unlike the Major Bosses in the game, so, just like regular Mobs, as long as you have the enchants and artifacts that boost your physical and magical power that do AOE damage, including Armor that buffs you in strength and health, it will be effective against an Enderman or Evoker when you encounter them within the dungeon at any time


As of now, there are only three major Bosses added in Minecraft Dungeons, Redstone Monstrosity, Nameless One, and the proclaimed strongest of all, Arch-illager. They are probably the iconic Mobs in Minecraft Dungeons as of now, simply because they are the strongest in the game, and Arch-illager being the Main antagonist of Minecraft Dungeons story.

Bosses have their own unique attack patterns, abilities and are much stronger obviously, so we will explain each one in the description below from their basic biography, their special ability, and how you can possibly beat them.

Nameless One:

The Nameless One is a magical-wielding boss in Minecraft Dungeons, he is also known as a Necromancer that has the ability to summon the undead, mostly being Skeleton Vanguards during the battle, The Nameless One also has the ability to fly and teleport around the vicinity when not in combat and uses it as an escape method.

To fight this boss, it is recommended to either have a ranged weapon (bow) and well-equipped armor since you’ll be expecting summoned Skeleton Vanguards to be charging and swarming you during the fight.

Redstone Monstrosity:

Redstone Monstrosity is another strong boss and bears a close similarity to the Iron Golem in terms of appearance and power. Redstone Monstrosity resembles a fearsome ancient Golem creature that is willing to destroy anything that challenges it. He has a big amount of health and deals a ton of damage in fights. It is said that he smashes the ground making mostly anything around him launch up in the air and has the ability to shoot fireballs from his mouth.

Although no known descriptive gameplay showcases his real combative ability, we can expect that he will be one tough opponent in terms of health and damage, so be ready and equip heavy armor, and weapons with damage focused enchant to give you an upper hand in winning against Redstone Monstrosity.


Arch-illager is the main antagonist of Minecraft Dungeons and deemed as a strong foe due to his powers of commanding a large army of illagers and able to summon ambushes during missions in Minecraft Dungeons. His source of power is claimed to be from what they call an “Orb of Dominance”, that whoever wields it sparks a negative influence to themselves, an evil powerful item of some sort. So, be prepared with decent armor, and powerful buffs on your gear to challenge this mighty opponent that will summon illagers to take you down, and adding that he has the ability to hover in the air which his small size makes him an agile opponent, so just like The Nameless One, having a bow would be a good choice to use against an Arch-illager.


Although, not much has been said in great detail due to the available gameplay sources being limited to reference from, so keep in mind about the explanation mentioned above as it will greatly help you when the game releases globally which Minecraft Dungeons has three difficulty modes, so I hope this informative guide has given you some knowledge on the mobs that are coming to Minecraft Dungeons.

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