Will Minecraft Dungeons still be suitable for kids?

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 29, 2020
Updated: May 29, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 29, 2020
Updated: May 29, 2020

Will Minecraft Dungeons still be suitable for kids? It is probably the most common question a concerned parent would ask and think about if the game is appropriate for their child or not. Minecraft is a popular video game franchise among younger audiences so, it’s a sure thing that Microsoft intends to keep Minecraft Dungeons suitable for kids and families that do not want anything violent and influentially bad, which Minecraft really never was, and this new Minecraft dungeon is not even close to being violent, although, that opinion may vary, so this article is here to reassure you that the new Minecraft Dungeons will still be suitable for kids.

Does Minecraft Dungeons have violence?

Minecraft Dungeon’s combat isn’t anywhere close in being violent for kids, the combat and graphics of the game is equivalent to the original game Minecraft itself being cartoonish as possible, so it is certain that the new Minecraft Dungeons will still be suitable for kids due to its cartoon-based graphics and concepts that is visually presented in the game

Minecraft Dungeons is inspired by a game genre called “Action RPG” which is all about action. Although the gameplay and its combat may seem chaotic and aggressive for children, which may make you think and assume that it is violent, sparking an unhealthy influence for innocent minds, it really isn’t violent, because it’s Minecraft, a cartoonish pixelated artistic style game that violent combat isn’t welcome nor does it fit in its atmosphere, and the enemies you fight displays the cartoonish visuals and animations that don’t make fighting perceivably violent in its appearance which makes it all the more suitable for kids.

There’s no blood and gore in the game nor anything that creates an unpleasant representation during fights, and exploration for children, which makes it a great kid-friendly visual game that looks fun and comedic for younger people, like how you compare a Lego game’s combat to Minecraft Dungeon’s combat, both games having combat that is fun and unique making it appropriate for the younger audiences to enjoy.

Does Minecraft Dungeons Provide Any Learning Value?

Minecraft has always proven to encourage a healthy learning environment that succeeds in different types of educational concepts and learning methods for younger audiences since Minecraft has been frequently used in forms of teaching from programming to creative arts in schools.

In the Minecraft Dungeons case, the learning value is still definitely there but not as limitless as what Minecraft is capable of but Minecraft Dungeons still has a good learning environment for children that makes it all the more beneficial. Depending on your definition of “learning value”, I do believe RPG games influence kids to create a variety of strategic and tactical concepts in order to achieve the objectives in the game, which in byproduct stimulates a healthy thought-provoking activity for kids to understand the mechanics of Minecraft Dungeons, RPGs, in general, are always promoting communicative teamwork and inducing a fun knowledgeable atmosphere to understand the mechanics of the game for the player to achieve the game’s objective, and that’s always good for someone with a young mind to be inspired by a game that prompts their potential to actively think, so going by that nature, Minecraft dungeons do provide a learning value towards kids.

Is Minecraft Dungeons Good for Kids?

Since Minecraft Dungeons main target audience is for children, the developers focus on a child-friendly environment with no savagery, bloody-gore visuals, and anything that is considered vile presented in the game. So, there’s nothing in Minecraft Dungeon’s to have a bad influence which makes Minecraft Dungeons suitable for kids.

To add more onto this, if you think of it like this, Minecraft Dungeon’s motive is all about eliminating bad guys, enemies to be specific, not once the game encourages eliminating anything that has a form of innocence and nothing in the game creates toxic behavior within the player, so going by that nature, the motive to eliminate “something” is because of that “something” being the bad guy. So, the concept of destroying and killing that this game may be perceived by a concerned parent is reasonable but farfetched, as a game that makes you target and eliminates monsters, and baddies is a reasonable positive response for a young individual, and nowhere near toxic, plus being the actual graphical combat of the game isn’t anywhere near graphically violent. It will always remain heavily presented in Minecraft’s cartoonish visual appearance that is far from what is considered violent and unhealthy.

So, don’t worry if you may think Minecraft’s Dungeons isn’t suitable for your kids because Minecraft Dungeons was created with the motive for a younger audience that promotes a healthy way of thinking in teamwork, tactical play, and understanding the combat mechanics that Minecraft Dungeons has for the player.

Is Minecraft Dungeons Good for Parents?

It certainly is, if you’re a parent looking for games to play with your children and have a nice bonding session together, then Minecraft Dungeons is great to cater to that activity, as it is a game created for friends and families alike to enjoy Minecraft in an RPG setting in achieving objectives together. Heavily encouraging teamwork in fighting and exploring Minecraft Dungeons together whether online or local, you’re definitely going to enjoy playing the game with your family members and that makes it suitable to be added into your to-do-list in family bonding activities, especially when the world is still facing a dramatic pandemic, and we are told to quarantine ourselves, it’s a great idea to pick up Minecraft Dungeons on release and play it with your kids.

If you’re still doubting, don’t be

It’s reasonable as a parent that you are strict with games that are heavily focused on massive combative action, but Minecraft is a kid-friendly game, and the new Minecraft Dungeons game will still be suitable for kids due to it being Minecraft, and you should be hype to play a new Minecraft game with your kids because playing games with your kids is the best bonding activity that a kid can have with their parents and Minecraft Dungeons is perfect for that.

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