Minecraft Dungeons Controls and Combat Guide and Tips

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 1, 2020
Updated: May 1, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published May 1, 2020
Updated: May 1, 2020

Minecraft Dungeons Controls and Combat Guide is the most useful information that you could get. Are you looking for helpful information that may relate to Minecraft dungeon’s Controls and Combat? Then you came to a good place to read information that will guide you on Minecraft Dungeon’s combat gameplay.

Although Minecraft Dungeons has not been released yet for the public, we do have knowledge on the general idea in how Minecraft Dungeon’s controls and combat style works via informational gameplay videos from Youtubers and other close-beta testers. This article was solely made to summarize and create an informative guide on the gameplay mechanics in how Minecraft Dungeon’s controls and combat operates before the game gets publicly released, so you my friend can be ready to conquer.

Minecraft Dungeons Controls and Combat Guide

Where can I play Minecraft Dungeons


It has been announced that the game will be released and playable on multiple platforms which are announced to be on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on May 26, 2020. However, the close-beta testing phase as of the moment is only available on the PC platform, which the article will be entirely referencing from that.

How to play Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeon’s controls are simplistic just like any other Dungeon Crawling game, you can either use a mouse, keyboard, or a gamepad. Moving with the WASD, and activating artifacts & consumables on the corresponding hot bar slots, and targeting enemies with the mouse. This can also be changed I believe via their Control settings, so don’t worry.


How does combat work in Minecraft dungeons

Read long this Minecraft Dungeons Controls and Combat Guide to learn how ocmbat works. Minecraft dungeon’s combat is straightforward and is heavily inspired by your general Dungeon Crawler RPG, although Minecraft’s way of doing it is a more simplified approach but not too generic to make it like any other RPG game. The game does have its special features and concepts which makes combat fun and progressive leading to unique overall gameplay that Minecraft Dungeons has compared to other generic RPGs. We will explain a few key concepts that Minecraft Dungeon’s combat has:

Minecraft Dungeons Controls and Combat Guide – Builds


1. Class Builds:

There is a variant of builds you could do in Minecraft Dungeons, and compared to other RPG titles, builds are widely flexible to change to a different one in Minecraft, which is entirely simplified compared to other dungeon crawlers. You can change your build anytime by having the specified weapon and armor slotted, of course with the other essentials needed for the build you want.

The atmosphere of Minecraft Dungeons encourages the constant ease of experimenting on different combat styles and diverse builds without any limitations for the player.


2. Enchantments:

Enchantments are important in strengthening your equipment for combat, just like regular Minecraft, which ranges from damage, defense, buffs or debuffs. The types of enchantments that you’d need entirely depends on the build you’re aiming for.

To give you a broad understanding of how enchantments operate in combat, we can name 1 enchantment that is used for tank or DPS melee-focused builds called “leeching”, once placed on a melee weapon it gives the player an ability to gain a small portion of the enemies health once the enemy is killed with the weapon that has a Leeching enchant.

3. Artifacts:

Besides Builds and Enchantments, a player’s progression in their preferred combat style is dependent on what Minecraft calls as consumable “Artifacts”, meaning Abilities or skills that are available to use during combat for the player. The abilities are variant in terms of what it can do, and it depends on the player in what they are trying to achieve in their builds, this can go from Stuns, Knockbacks, Fire arrows, Buffs, and so on, just like enchants but more dramatic and powerful, as these are abilities for the player to greatly use in combat.

Character Builds and Enchantments for Minecraft Dungeons

There are multiple common Builds you can follow in the game, and of course, this might change since all information is grabbed during beta. Now in the end, it comes down to the playstyle of the player, whether you are focused or diverse, but the list shows a more focused-oriented build description. We will list quite a few common builds and their ideal enchantments that Beta-testers have complimented and used for themselves.

1. Melee Weapons Build :

This varies with a lot of available weapons sets in Minecraft dungeons from Axes, Swords, Scythes, Hammer, Glaives, and other melee-type weapons. This relies on the artifacts, and enchantments you’ll be pairing with the melee weapon of choice, as the attacks for each weapon are diverse in an attacking style and may result in different results for an ideal DPS build if you’re keen in being a damage-dealer for the team, this is the most common role to choose.

Melee enchants for this build:

Poison Cloud – a 30% chance to summon a toxic cloud dealing damage for 3 seconds. Committed – Deals an increased amount of damage to enemies that are wounded.

Thundering – A 30% chance to summon lightning upon hitting enemies.

Fire aspect – Minecraft’s iconic enchantment to set mobs on fire for 3 seconds.

Smiting – Increasing the damage against undead enemies

Sharpness – Increases weapon damage.

Critical hit – A chance to deal critical bonus damage on enemies.

Shockwave – Deals a shockwave that transfers to nearby enemies.

Leeching – Replenishing a small portion of your health when defeating an enemy

Amor enchants for this build:

Electrified –  Zaps nearby enemies with lightning.

Burning – Every 0.5 seconds damage is dealt in close range.

2. Ranged Weapons Build 

Archer is one of the most common builds in Minecraft Dungeons, and it’s a great position if you prefer range combat, that can act as damage focused and supporting build together simultaneously.

Ideal enchantments for this build:

Bonus shot – Fires a second shot after hitting the target but with reduced damage.

Poison Cloud – A 30% chance to summon a toxic cloud dealing damage for 3 seconds. 

Fuse shot – An ability for a time charged explosive arrow per few shots to be fired.

Growing – Making arrows deal greater damage to faraway targets.

Piercing – A chance for arrows to pierce through multiple enemies dealing damage.

Punch – A knockback-type enchantment for arrows

Wild rage – Gives a chance for a targeted enemy to go on a berserk mode killing their own kind.

Supercharge – Charged shots will deal with an increase in damage and greater knockback.

Infinity – A chance to instantly replenish an arrow after shooting.

Unchanting – Dealing more damage to enchanted enemies

Ricochet – A chance for arrows to ricochet off enemies onto other potential nearby enemies.

3. Attack Speed build 

Dual-wielder and Thief are attacked speed-focused builds and is achievable with sickles or a dagger, this type of build relies on agility with quicker movement speed, and attack speed, but the downside is being squishier due to the lighter armor you’ll be wearing, so to make up for it, we focus on agility.

Melee enchants for attack speed:

Rampaging – a 10% chance to increase attack speed by 50% for a short time when killing an enemy

Bow enchants for attack speed:

Accelerate – increases attack speed per shot.

Armor enchants for attack speed:

Frenzied – when at low health, your attack speed is dramatically increased

Speed Synergy – When using an artifact, you gain 20% movement speed.

4. Support builds 

Since Minecraft Dungeons, it’s not surprising that there are existing enchantments that have effects in healing other allies, stunning, or any buff & debuff effects. This is great for players that are committed to the supporting role.

Melee enchants for a Support build:

Shockwave – Deals a shockwave that transfers to nearby enemies.

weakening When hitting an enemy, it decreases their damage for 5 seconds.

Stunning – A chance to stun enemies.

Chains – 30% chance to gather enemies together and bind them for a limited time

Echo – A chance to increase attack speed during combat.

Freezing – Slowing the movement of enemies when being hit.

Swirling – A final attack on a combo that makes you swirl dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

Bow enchants for a supporting build:

Radiance shot –  A 20% chance that creates a circular area to heal allies.

Amor enchants for a Support build:

Potion barrier – When consuming a healing potion, you receive -90% of the damage dealt by an enemy for a limited time.

Food reserves – When consuming a healing potion, you’ll spawn random consumable food.

Thorns – When receiving damage, it will deal damage back to whoever hits you.

Explorer – Every 100th block, you regenerate a small amount of your health.

Snowball – Firing snowballs back at an enemy to briefly stun it after being hit.

Deflect – A small chance to deflect, or block incoming projectiles that will damage you.

Health synergy – When using any artifacts, you regain a small percentage of your health.

Cool Down – Reducing cooldown effects, when you use an artifact.

As said in the beginning, you can either focus on one build or mix it around to your liking to your preferred style of combat, but for people who want to get a general notion of how Builds work and their ideal enchantments to pair with, this is a great reference for that.

Take Away

We hope that this article has helped and informed you about the general mechanics and combat play stylesplaystyles you can achieve in Minecraft Dungeons, and prepare you for the upcoming release this May 26, 2020.

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