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Minecraft Castle: Steampunk Castle - So Much to Explore

Steampunk Castle is a large and beautiful Minecraft castle map that features a unique backstory. This map uses command blocks which gives it a more enjoyable experience. All parts of this map are incredibly detailed and worth looking at.

Steampunk Castle is a beautiful map with an interesting and unique backstory. When first spawning on Steampunk Castle, you spawn on a boat with signs in front of you. The signs explain that you are a ship captain and give you instructions to proceed. This map uses command blocks to aid in the story.

On the ship, you will find directions to follow. These directions will lead you to a large building, which is Steampunk Castle. This building is beautifully built with lots of detail. All around this castle you will find intricate detailing and beautiful rooms. There is a lot to explore in this castle. There is also a building next door you can explore.

Each floor of the castle is spectacularly built, there are also signs labeling what each room is supposed to be. You might even find books left behind with notes by the creator of this map. At the very top of the castle, you will find a map in a room that displays the world.

Even though the castle in Steampunk Castle is already enjoyable enough to explore, there are even more structures outside of the castle.

In the air, above Steampunk Castle, you will find a blimp. Through the glass, you will see that the inside of this blimp is also very detailed, which is amazing.

Below the Steampunk Castle, you will see an eroded badlands biome. There are a few structures scattered below in this biome. You will find a few wooden lookout towers on each corner, circling the castle from below.

Overall, Steampunk Castle was extremely well built. This map had a unique backstory that was portrayed throughout the map through signs, which added an extra element to the map. The castle itself was huge, it would take lots of time to explore the entire building.

There was no lack of detail anywhere on this map. Every room and building around this map had impeccable details. The creator of the map also utilized command blocks, which makes the map more enjoyable. I really liked all of the added elements to the map that pulled the story altogether. I think this map is worth the download.

Steampunk Castle is a map for Minecraft 1.14.4.

Pros of Steampunk Castle:

  • Large map with tons to explore.
  • Beautiful details all around the map, every corner is worth looking at.
  • The creator created a backstory and utilized command blocks just for this map.

Cons of Steampunk Castle:

  • Some rooms in the castle are hard to get to.
  • The map might be too detailed, making it hard to get around.
  • The lack of lighting in the castle makes a lot of mobs spawn.

How do I install Minecraft Castles

Download the map file and, using a file extractor, export the contents of the file to a location on your computer. When that’s finished, locate the directory where your Minecraft saves are kept. This will be different depending on the operating system of your computer. If you’re not sure where to look, use the table below:

macOS~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Just place the Spooner Street folder into your saves folder and just select the save from your Minecraft single player saves list.

The same process applies for multiplayer too, but the location of your saves folder is always different depending on what client or server software you use. 

Minecraft Castle Steampunk Castle - 1 Minecraft Castle Steampunk Castle - 2

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