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Minecraft Castle - French Chateau is a beautiful map for Minecraft 1.14.4 for you to enjoy! The map is very detailed and has lots of things to see. 

French Chateau is a Minecraft Castle map that features a huge, ornate castle made out of brick and quartz. When first spawning into French Chateau, you will spawn on a small cobblestone walkway facing a small village.

This village has a few houses with white wool walls and brick rooftops. Most of these houses are decorated on the inside and can be explored. In the middle of the small village sits a tranquil fountain. Heading the opposite direction on the cobblestone path, you will find the French Chateau. 

To get to the chateau, you will cross over an elegant quartz bridge and you will pass under a grand brick gate into the surrounding wall that encases the castle. Once you pass through the gates, you will see a beautiful yard with many flowers decorating the castle grounds.

The quartz path continues and will lead you to the entryway to the castle, along with different quartz paths that take you around the castle grounds. 

When entering the castle, you will see an ornate room with two thrones. A beautiful chandelier hangs above. Paintings line the walls and quartz columns surround the edges of the room. French Chateau has many rooms to explore, all of which are beautifully detailed and decorated. 

You may even find yourself up on the watchtower with an iron golem protecting the castle. The castle almost seems as if it is endless, with countless rooms and tons of long hallways and staircases to explore. 

Underneath the castle, through a staircase in the library, you may find a dark stone basement with a large, deep cavern. Who knows what that could’ve been used for?

There are many other buildings than just the castle. Right next to the castle, you will find horse stables filled with diamond-armored horses. Behind the stables is a track to race the horses on.

Right outside the brick walls, you will find a large farm with many different crops growing in it, some animal coops, and a tennis court. Behind the castle, there is a gazebo with a bench overlooking the scenery. Following the paths, you may also find a beautiful swimming pool and another fountain.


Overall, I think French Chateau is worth the download. It is obvious that the creator worked very hard on this map, and it is very fun to explore. The map itself is simply beautiful and wonderful to look at. This map could be enjoyed by yourself or with friends. You could explore this map on your own, but also roleplay with friends. The castle is surely big enough for tons of people to enjoy at once. It truly is a great map to play on. 

Pros of French Chateau:

  • The map is very detailed and pretty.
  • There are tons of buildings to explore. 
  • All of the insides of each building are fully finished. 

Cons of French Chateau:

  • Easy to get lost within the castle.
  • Some rooms look repeated.
  • The village outside of the castle is very small. 

How do I install Minecraft Castles

Download the map file and, using a file extractor, export the contents of the file to a location on your computer. When that’s finished, locate the directory where your Minecraft saves are kept. This will be different depending on the operating system of your computer. If you’re not sure where to look, use the table below:

macOS~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Just place the Spooner Street folder into your saves folder and just select the save from your Minecraft single player saves list.

The same process applies for multiplayer too, but the location of your saves folder is always different depending on what client or server software you use. 

Minecraft Castle - French Chateau - 1 Minecraft Castle - French Chateau - 2

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