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LG BEE T 1.15 is the resource pack that puts the Bee in LGBT for Minecraft 1.15. Wait, did I just repeat the same joke that’s in the pack’s name? Anyway, LG BEE T 1.15 is a pack that’s focused on showing some pride in medium of Minecraft. Ever wished you could show your LGBT+ pride, or just show that you’re an ally inside of Minecraft? Then this is the pack for you. Adding just a few touches to the game’s default textures, this pack is a fun little addition that will be perfect for the 2020 Pride season.

What is LG BEE T 1.15?

LG BEE T 1.15 is a simple pack that has simple aspirations. All it seeks to do is to allow every player who has it installed to their version of Minecraft to be able to show their pride for their identity. I think it’s fantastic that people have this option and it’s great to see a resource pack aiming to leave a positive impact on people’s lives outside of the game.

What is LG BEE T 1.15 like to use?

Steve says trans rights! My time playing the game with LG BEE T 1.15 was short, but ultimately sweet. I thought it was a great idea to offer players the opportunity to show their pride and support for the LGBT+ community in their favourite game, and I wish more packs like it existed.

At first, I thought the pack only had a few items with new textures, so I was initially disappointed. However, after digging through the creative mode inventory a little deeper, I started to discover all the little details the pack has to offer. There’s some little details that probably only those inside of the community will understand, but there’s still some bombastic new textures included that are definitely hard to miss (I won’t spoil them here, so go check this pack out for yourself!)

My favourite aspect of this pack has to be the bees. Adorned with little trans flags, these bees are super cute and are honestly one of the highlights of the pack. Not only am I a fan of well-made Minecraft textures, I also love a good pun. Sadly, I wish the pack had some more widespread content, but I understand that the creator’s goals might be different.

In summary, this pack is a bee-autiful and simple pack that lets anyone show their pride in Minecraft. Wherever you fall on the rainbow flag, this pack is a great option for all, even those who just want to show their support for friends and loved ones. This pack is going to bee (get it?) perfect for Pride in 2020.

What are the pros of LG BEE T 1.15?

✔Offers people a way to express their pride or support for the LGBT+ community

✔Perfect for Pride season 2020

✔Great title pun

What are the cons of LG BEE T 1.15?

X The pack is still in its early stages

X Some of the item textures didn’t work in my playthrough

How do I install LG BEE T 1.15?

Downloading and installing  LG BEE T 1.15 is a fairly simple process. However, if you’ve never installed a resource pack before, you might not know what you’re doing. If so, we’ve got you covered. Use our easy guide below on how to download and install LG BEE T 1.15 for Minecraft.

First, download LG BEE T 1.15 from our site. Once the download is finished, you need to locate and open your ‘resourcepack’ folder for Minecraft. To find the folder easily, go the Minecraft main menu screen and click options>resource packs>open resource pack folder. You can also find the folder through your computer files by going to the relevant file directory below:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft

Once you’ve located the folder and opened it, place the download from earlier inside. Now, go to the Minecraft resource pack menu and enable LG BEE T 1.15 as your current resource pack.

LG BEE T 1.15 Preview

LG BEE T 1.15 - 1 LG BEE T 1.15 - 2

LG BEE T 1.15 - 3

LG BEE T 1.15 for Minecraft Download Links

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