Justamedomz’s Classic 1.16 Texture Pack

Justamedomz's Classic 1.16 Texture Pack

Hey, it’s ya boy back at it again! Once more I am here to review an excellent Minecraft resource pack that’s been selected just for you crazy Minecraft lot. So, sit back and relax, and discover the fun new additions that Justamedomz's Classic brings to the brand new 1.16 update!

What is Justamedomz's Classic 1.16 Texture Pack?

We’re all pretty well familiar with the upcoming 1.16 update for Minecraft, and it’s safe to say that this soon-to-be-released Nether update introduces a heck of a lot of new things to play with. And whenever there’s new Minecraft content to play with, there’ll be a plethora of pack creators ready to try their hands at everything Minecraft now has to offer. One such pack is Justamedomz's Classic 1.16 Texture Pack! 

Is Justamedomz's Classic 1.16 Texture Pack fun to play with?

Justamedomz's Classic is a pack that’s perfect for players who like to keep things faithful to Minecraft’s unmistakable vibe and aesthetic. Likewise, if you’re the sort of person to tweak packs to your exact liking, Justamedomz offers a bespoke nature that you’ll love.

Adding just a bit of flavor to the game’s new content, this pack is perfect if you’re not into a lot of the game’s recently debuted textures, as well as many of the game’s textures that have been present for much longer.

Although at first glance Justamedomz's Classic is fairly unassuming, there’s a surprising amount of detail and variety hidden away in the pack’s many retextures and texture alterations. You can find new textures for established blocks and items such as the stonecutter and cartography table, as well as brand new content such as the shroomlight.

One potential downside to this pack could be seen in the fact that it doesn’t have a very strong visual aesthetic. While some packs are built from the ground up with a specific theme or art style in mind, it’s clear that this pack isn’t trying to achieve the same goal.

It’s hard to bring up too many negatives in regards to this pack, however. It’s a great option for a particular group of players who don’t want the bombast of the more extreme packs available, but still want something a bit different when going through 1.16 for the first time.

I’d really recommend trying out Justamedomz's pack if you don’t like the all-out, over-the-top packs that are available for 1.16. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel, then this pack is an awesome way of adding some variety to your Minecraft experience.

What’s great about Justamedomz's Classic 1.16 Texture Pack?:

✔ Curated, carefully chosen texture redesigns

✔ Changes textures both old and new

✔ 16x resolution maintains faithful texture style

What’s not great Justamedomz's Classic 1.16 Texture Pack?:

X The results are subtle, not great for fans of flashy packs

X Very personal changes to Minecraft’s textures

X No specific stylistic theme

How to install Justamedomz's Classic 1.16 Texture Pack:

Installing your first resource pack is no easy feat, but with a little guidance from yours truly, you’ll be playing Minecraft with any number of resource packs in no time at all. Just read the paragraph down below to get started!

To start, download the available zip file for Justamedomz's Classic 1.16 Texture Pack. Although the file is in the zip form, you won’t need a file extractor to use the pack. Once the file is downloaded, move it/copy it into the ‘resourcepack’ folder that can be found in the following relevant file directory:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft


You can also access the folder incredibly easily by simply going to Minecraft’s resource pack menu and clicking ‘open resource pack folder’, which will open the folder for you automatically. Once you’ve placed the zip file into the ‘resourcepack’ folder, activate Justamedomz's Classic for play in the game’s resource pack menu.


Justamedomz's Classic 1.16 Texture Pack for Minecraft Download Links

Below is where you can find download links for Justamedomz's Classic 1.16 Texture Pack

Justamedomz's Classic 1.16 Texture Pack DOWNLOAD

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