Learn Judo in Minecraft With This New Server in Education Edition 

 Last Modified April 8, 2022

 Published September 21, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Learn Judo in Minecraft With This New Great Server

You can now learn the principles and values of Judo in Minecraft with Minecraft Education Edition through โ€œThe Mystery of Budokan.โ€

The IJF or International Judo Federation has released their own education course in Minecraft. They have created this experience to teach students and teachers alike the core values of Judo.


It is originally designed to be a social tool and emotional tool which can aid in providing an interactive world which helps in teaching. It is available in all regions of the world.

The Mystery of Budokan is a downloadable map in Minecraft Education Edition in which educators and learners can get absolutely for free.


The International Judo Federation is one of the first martial arts to have adopted to this type of platform.


"โ€œIt is a great way to teach children about judo values and philosophy in a way they can understand it and really feel it.โ€

Judo Now Taught Through Minecraft - actual banner

Core Values of Judo

Judo has been considered as one of the most efficient martial arts for self-defense in the entire world.

To prove that statement it has been used by various MMA champions throughout the history of the sport.

However, it is more than just a martial art. It is a lifestyle which relies on its 8 core values as the basis of the path of life one should take.

The 8 Judo values are:

  •  Courage
  • Respect
  • Modesty
  • Friendship
  • Honor
  • Honesty
  • Self-control
  • Courtesy

The Mystery of Budokan aims to be an efficient and effective social-emotional educational platform which can help teachers and students get introduced to the values that Judo teaches.


"You can't Just talk on a webcam and try to teach Judo."

Innovation During the Pandemic

When the Pandemic hit in early 2020 Judo lessons were not allowed as social distancing was strictly implemented.

To go with that, contact sports and other activities were also not allowed. Due to that incident the idea sprouted out of the ground to provide Judo lessons online.

However, since Judo requires to be taught interactively you canโ€™t just put on a webcam and quickly teach someone. There needed to be a platform where Judo is taught properly and accordingly.

So the brilliant people of IDF devised a way to be able to teach Judo without physical contact.

They designed a playable map for Minecraft filled with quests which would guide and teach learners Judo in Minecraft through an effective way.

minecraft education edition - judo in minecraft

Minecraft Education Edition

This game is a learning platform developed by Mojang as a way to make Minecraft be a tool in providing education, not just for fun hacking and slashing through PvP.

It has already been used in schools from more than 150 countries. It has already proven its value as the learners tend to understand and learn better through the interactive platform rather than conventional teaching methods.

There are already plenty of courses available in this game. One good example of which to point out is Fintropolis which is an educational system used to teach children about finances.

Now, you can also start to learn the core values of Judo in Minecraft along with its principles and philosophy.

Judo Now Taught Through Minecraft - 3

Judo in Minecraft

The International Judo Federation (IJF) began the first stage of this campaign on July 22nd, the opening day of the Olympic Games.

This was an online activity in which gamers from all around the world could participate and learn about judo.

Over forty different countries were represented among the thousands of participants in this phase.

Teachers, instructors, and pupils that have access to the Minecraft: Education Edition platform will be able to use this educational tool for now.

At the end of September, all Minecraft players will have free access to the experience on the Minecraft Marketplace.

The IJF has released the educational version of 'The Mystery of the Budokan,' which includes a powerful social-emotional learning tool for students and teachers from all around the world.

The IJF has constructed an enormous Minecraft world with eight distinct missions, each of which is aligned with one each judo's philosophies and core values.

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