Im back by Torrezx 1.16 Minecraft Texture Pack

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published July 8, 2020
Updated: July 8, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published July 8, 2020
Updated: July 8, 2020

Dozens of packs are uploaded to the internet every day. From the giant to the small to the downright unusual, Im back by Torrezx 1.16 Minecraft Texture Pack probably belongs in the latter category. Want to find out what this pack is all about? Keep reading!

What is Im back by Torrezx 1.16 Minecraft Texture Pack?

With a name like that, it can be hard to know what Im back by Torrezx offers to players as a Minecraft resource pack. Well, in short, this pack adds a couple of very specific textures to the game. Specifically, the textures for the traveling villager and their many accompanying llamas. If you’re a fan of tweaking your Minecraft textures as much as possible, this is a great option.

Is Im back by Torrezx 1.16 Minecraft Texture Pack a good pack?

Whether you will enjoy this pack ultimately comes down to what your priorities are when playing Minecraft. IF you’re someone who spends hours tweaking and customizing your resource pack library and pack loadout, then this might be a pack to take a look at. On the other hand, if you’re someone who wants a big pre-made pack, you’ll find better elsewhere.

Torrezx’s pack, ultimately, changes a handful of textures: the wandering trader and the wandering trader’s various llamas. What the pack does is change the trader into an enrobed zombie pigman masquerading as the trader that players are all too familiar with.

The new textures are very nicely made and slot into the vanilla Minecraft world very smoothly. The trader now sports a mysterious looking brown, red, and gold robe that adds a nice sense of variety, and the trader’s llamas are also equipped with color-coordinated outfits as well.

Issues might arise with players looking to use the pack with other resource packs. And while the simple nature of the pack makes it easily stackable among others, the vanilla 16×16 resolution approach means that players are fairly limited in what packs they can use in tandem whilst avoiding any glaring juxtapositions of texture style.

If you love to experiment with different resource pack loadouts, Im back 1.16 can easily add a nice bit of variety into any Minecraft playthrough. It’s incredibly simple, maybe to its own detriment, but as fair as short and sweet packs go, this is one that delivers something unique without sacrificing on quality. Download the pack down below!

What’s great about Im back by Torrezx 1.16 Minecraft Texture Pack:

✔ The simple design of the pack means it can be easily used in tandem with other resource packs

✔ Accurate and faithful textures that fit in perfectly with vanilla Minecraft

✔ Offers more options to resource pack fanatics

What’s not great about Im back by Torrezx 1.16 Minecraft Texture Pack:

X Very simple and only offers a select amount of new textures

X Incredibly niche

X Textures are in vanilla Minecraft style, so use with other packs will likely clash in aesthetic

How to install Im back by Torrezx 1.16 Minecraft Texture Pack:

Want to install Im back 1.16 but not sure how to? This section details every step of resource pack installation from download to play, so you know exactly how to get it running. What’s more, this method works for nearly all other packs too.

First, download the pack and move the zip download to a location of your choice. Second, find and open up the ‘resourcepack’ folder located in Minecraft’s game files.

You can do this easily by opening up the game, going to the options menu, and then by clicking ‘resource packs’ and then ‘open resource pack folder’. This will open the folder for you.

Alternatively, if you’re more of a computer wizard, you can find the folder manually. Open your computer’s file explorer and go to file directory for your operating system shown here:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft


To finish, move the zip file from earlier into the folder. Now just make sure you enable the pack in the Minecraft resource pack menu.

Im back by Torrezx 1.16 Minecraft Texture Pack Preview


Im back by Torrezx 1.16 Minecraft Texture Pack for Minecraft Download Links

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Im back by Torrezx 1.16 Minecraft Texture Pack Download

At the end of the day, if you want to play Minecraft you first need to download OptiFine! There are millions of players in Minecraft who make sure that you are using fair mods that do not disrupt or bother gameplay of other players.

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