How to reload chunks on Minecraft? 

 Last Modified February 28, 2022

 Published February 28, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

How to reload chunks on Minecraft - 1

If you have been playing Minecraft for some time now you probably would have stumbled across the issue of chunks not loading. So the question has been asked by many, how to reload chunks on Minecraft?

Your entire Minecraft world is ultimately composed of a vast and somewhat infinite number of chunks. It reaches as vast as your vision can see in the game.


It is unquestionable that there might be some scenarios wherein the chunks might fail to load. Even if you have a full gaming set-up that issue is inevitable.

Every time you boot up a Minecraft world chunks are loaded. The maximum distance of the chunks that load at a time all depend on the render distance on your game settings.


Only chunks in your current render distance range are loaded. The rest of the additional chunks will only start to load as your travel along your Minecraft world.

What are Minecraft Chunks?

A Minecraft chunk is initially a tall block composed of 384 pieces. It is a 16x16 segment which is part of the world that you spawn in. Chunks are a clever and creative way designed by Mojang so that the world generator would be able to divide the entire world into smaller pieces.

This makes it easier for your device to load the huge and somewhat infinite map. If it weren't for chunks it would take the game a very long time to load a Minecraft seed.

The Minecraft world is composed of 30 million blocks from each of the respective directions. It contains a vast and large amount of chunks. If they were all to be loaded at the same time your device would probably malfunction and cause the game to crash.

Despite it being tested multiple times before it was released it still somehow manages to have some issues. That's is why you need to know how to reload chunks on Minecraft.

The chunk method makes the game playable by only loading chunks which are within your render distance. Other chunks are only loaded when you traverse and travel across the world

Do know that chunk loading does not work the same way in-game events function. Mob spawning and random ticks which determine crop growth and other occurrences in the game will only tick or trigger if a player is within the vicinity.

How to reload chunks on Minecraft - 3

How Big is a Chunk in Minecraft?

A Minecraft chunk is generated in accordance to the values of 16x16. This means that it procedurally creates the measurement of the world which then spans -64 blocks down reaching bedrock.

On the other note it spans 256 blocks high. To summarize that explanation a chunk is the spliced piece of land in your world and may consists 65,000 blocks at maximum.

Cutting down the infinite map into smaller chunks allows the game to make it manageable. It makes loading and unloading Minecraft quicker and simpler. This way your computer or device won't have to load hundreds and thousands of these sliced up pieces at the same time.

Despite the somewhat perfect plan, due to it's massive size Minecraft fails to load chunks which is why knowing how to reload chunks on Minecraft is beneficial.

How to reload chunks on Minecraft - 2

How to Reload Chunks on Minecraft

Method 1: Reload Chunk Shortcut Key

If you are sure that there are no hardware problems then the first thing you would want to try is to reload chunks through the shortcut key which was added by Mojang.

To initiate the reload chunk function simply:

  • On your keyboard Press and hold "F3 + A" together

After you have pressed the shortcut give Minecraft some time to properly reload. If you do not have a slow hard drive then it should load all the chunks now.

Method 2: Relaunch the game

One of the most obvious and simplistic methods to reload your chunks would be to relaunch the game without shader or resource packs.

All you would need to do is:

  • Turn off resource packs
  • Turn off shaders
  • Turn off mods
  • Close Minecraft
  • Run the launcher and restart the game
  • Turn on the game modifications you previously added one by one until you see your chunks have stopped loading again.

Once you figure out which pack, shader or mod has caused your chunks to stop loading you can either attempt to reinstall it or just keep it off.

Method 3: adjust your render distance accordingly

If all else fails, one of the possible ways why some of your chunks are not loading is because of the fact that your hardware is not able to handle your render distance. You might need to lower it or increase it in order for the chunks to properly load.

To easily control your render distance you can utilize the debug screen and it's shortcuts. 

To Lower render distance:

  • Open debug screen
  • Hold Shift and press F3 + F

To Increase render distance:

  • Open debug screen
  • Hold F3 and press F

Try to adjust the render distance to 8 and from there you can play around on which setting works best for your computer

Those are the best methods and known ways on How to reload chunks on Minecraft. If you have followed any of the three methods properly then your chunks would now have worked properly and load accordingly.

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