How to Play Minecraft Classic for Free 

 Last Modified November 3, 2021

 Published November 1, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

How to Play Classic Minecraft for Free - 1

The original version of Minecraft was released in May 2009 as the Classic. The first Classic was published on May 16, 2009. It's been almost 12 years since then, and Minecraft Classic is still accessible to the public.

After the pre-classic era, Minecraft Classic was established. Markus "Notch" Persson is the only individual who worked on this game during that time. He made it public to allow anybody interested to try it and offer their comments.


The feedback was implemented in Minecraft Classic and carried over to the development stage. However, Classic is still accessible for free. Players may access it via their browser and relive old memories of Minecraft.

How to Play Classic Minecraft for Free - 2

Who can Play Minecraft Classic?

Anyone can play the Classic version of Minecraft. You no longer have to download it. 


"The only thing you need is a Google Chrome or any browser installed on your computer."

Plus, what is even more amazing is that it is all absolutely free. No need for a credit card or to purchase the game.

You don't even need to have purchased the java version as well. What's even more surprising is that you can play Multiplayer with up to 10 players.

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How to play Minecraft Classic on a browser?

Players who aren't interested in purchasing the game may play the Minecraft Classic version without downloading it. The following are the procedures for playing the free online Classic version:

  1. Use any browser such as Google Chrome
  2. Click the link ->
  3. Let the game load for a while. Load speed depends on your internet speed and device
  4. Use a Username
  5. Start and enjoy Minecraft classic

Players may also add their pals to the game. In Minecraft's initial history, Notch was successful in installing multiplayer servers. Up to ten persons can play on a Classic world at once.

Players may copy the link to their world in the start screen. By pasting the link into their browser, other players may join the world.

Sadly, you can't do any PvP with this version of Minecraft.

How to Play Classic Minecraft for Free - 4

What are the Controls?

It's been over a decade since Minecraft Classic first went live. The game doesn't have precise controls like it does now, and players will be using basic buttons such as WASD.

The left mouse button can be used to break blocks, and the right mouse click button may be used to switch between pressing and breaking blocks.

Do note that you can't use resource packs and mods.


"There are no additional features like as crouching, auto-jumping, or anything else."

How is the Gameplay Like?

In creative mode, the game mode is always set to Minecraft Classic online. However, this version does not include many blocks to play with.

Each player starts with nine items in their inventory: stone, dirt, plank, bedrock, sand, gravel, log, leaves, and mushroom.

This is the first version of Minecraft that lacks an inventory. Only nine items are available in Minecraft Classic, as opposed to the hundreds of possibilities in Bedrock Edition.

Small bits of grassy plains covered with trees and ringed by water are visible.

Minecraft Classic is a version of the game that was designed before its convoluted storyline and complex features were implemented.

Players who haven't played the earlier phases of development can check out Minecraft Classic.

Playing Classic allows players to see how far Minecraft has progressed since its public debut.

How to Play Classic Minecraft for Free - 5

What Makes Minecraft Classic Special?

In terms of gameplay value compared to the more recent version of Minecraft it technically does not offer much.

However if you are looking for a trip down memory lane, or want to look back at how the old fellas used to play Minecraft then this is the perfect opportunity for you to explore.

At the same time, you can also play it with your friends who have not yet purchased Minecraft too.

Think of it as a blast to the past or just a source for some quick entertainment when you most need it.

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