How long is a Minecraft Day 

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 Published March 21, 2022

By  Peter Schwartz

How long is a Minecraft Day - 1

Just like real life Minecraft has it's own day and night cycle. The basis on how long is a Minecraft day is based on real-world time however it is much faster inside the game.

During the day, the world is lit up by the sun, while during the night it is dark. Mobs can only spawn during the night, so it is advised to be on the lookout for them during this time.


Minecraft's day and night cycle makes for a great way to keep track of time in-game! It is also a determiner for crop growth, animal growth and more.

What is a Minecraft Day

It is generally the period during which the Minecraft world completes a night and day cycle. Minecraft time is 72 times faster than in real life.


If character age was part of the gameplay dynamics of the game then it would take 400 days for Steve to be 80 years old.

You can use a Minecraft clock to help you determine how long is a Minecraft day so that you can tell the period of the cycle.

There are four parts of a Minecraft day:

  • Daytime
  • Dusk
  • Nighttime
  • Dawn

During the daytime, it is bright out and hostile mobs will not spawn unless on an area which has not been lit. The sun moves across the sky from west to east until it sets in the west helping you notice how long is a Minecraft day.

Dusk is when the sun starts to set and hostile mobs can spawn. During this time, players should be on the lookout for zombies, skeletons, creepers, and other hostile mobs.

Nighttime is when hostile mobs are the most active. This is also when players can find the most valuable items, as well as when rare hostile mobs can be found. The moon moves across the sky from east to west until it sets in the east.

Dawn is when the sun starts to rise and hostile mobs will not spawn. Any undead hostile mob hit with sunlight automatically catches fire.

Knowing how long is a Minecraft day is beneficial for you to know when would be the proper time to retreat to a camp with a bed.

To put it in perspective Day time would be the best time to farm and gather resources, as well as explore the world. Night would be when to stay at a well lit home and create your builds at your home.

Plenty of PvP texture packs have awesome custom night skies which is why plenty of players tend to fight at night.

How long is a Minecraft Day - 2

How long is a Minecraft Day

A diurnal cycle in Minecraft is about 20 minutes long in real life. 1 week in Minecraft is 2.3 hours long in real time.

A full month in Minecraft is 10 hours in the real world. An entire year in Minecraft is about 5 days in real life.

The total time that the sun would be out in Minecraft is approximately 10 minutes and 28 seconds in real time. During this time monsters will not spawn on the overworld and any undead mobs will be burned by the sun light.

Knowing how long is a Minecraft day is essential in helping you strategize when to venture into the world and when to find a bed and sleep.

The sun in Minecraft technically looks just like a glowing yellow ball however using a Minecraft Shader might be able to enhance that experience by making it look better.

Minecraft Time to Real Time Conversion Table

Minecraft time

Real time

1 Second

0.0138 seconds

1 Minute

0.83 seconds

1 Hour

50 seconds

1 Day

20 minutes

1 Week (7 days)

2.3 hours

1 Month (30 days)

10 hours

1 Year (365 days)

121.75 hours (5.072916 days)

How long is a Minecraft Day - 3

How long is Night in Minecraft

A Night in Minecraft lasts for approximately 10 minutes in real time. During this period the overworld would be engulfed in darkness.

This means that hostile mobs will start to spawn in locations without proper lighting. You will need to add in artificial lighting such as torches to keep mobs from spawning in your home.

How long is a Minecraft Day - 4

Moon phases in Minecraft

It might come to a surprise for most players but Minecraft actually has Moon Phases. The reason behind not noticing this feature is because most gamers avoid night time by sleeping in a bed.

Knowing when to sleep and skip the night is one of the main reasons why plenty of players do their best to know how long is a Minecraft day.

Each day, the time counter increases by 24000 ticks. The Moon's going through one of its eight distinctive phases every night, while everything else appears to be the same.

The command /time add 24000 will advance the Moon to its next phase, even if there is no formal instruction to alter it.

Any of the phases can be accessed by executing one of the following commands:


Moon Phase

/time set night

Full Moon

/time set 38000

Waning Gibbous

/time set 62000

Last Quarter

/time set 86000

Waning Crescent

/time set 110000

New Moon

/time set 134000

Waxing Crescent

/time set 158000

First Quarter

/time set 182000

Waxing Gibbous

How long is a Minecraft Day - 5

How to stop the day cycle in Minecraft

The day cycle in Minecraft can be stopped by using the /time set command and knowing how long is a Minecraft day can make it easier to execute. This command can be used to set the time of day to a specific time, such as sunrise, noon, sunset, or midnight.

The /time set command can also be used to stop the day cycle completely by setting the time to day (20 minutes) which is 6am in Minecraft time. This can be helpful when players want to avoid hostile mobs that only spawn at night.

It is also possible to use the /time set command to change the speed of the day cycle. For example, using the command /time set 0 will make the day and night cycle go twice as fast.

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