French Vanilla 1.15

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published December 28, 2019
Updated: December 28, 2019
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published December 28, 2019
Updated: December 28, 2019

French Vanilla 1.15 is a resource pack for Minecrat 1.15 that is a perfect choice for players who enjoy the vanilla Minecraft experience. As far as vanilla packs go, French Vanilla 1.15 is a super faithful pack that brings just a little bit of spice to the default feel of Minecraft. Fancy a bit of parisian flair in your Minecraft world? Then this pack could be a great option for you. Keep reading to see my review and rundown, and to see if this French-inspired pack is actually the crème de la crème or if it’s just a bit too vanilla.

What is French Vanilla 1.15?

French Vanilla 1.15 is a resource pack that, as you might have guessed, is solely focused on a vanilla Minecraft experience. Although there’s plenty of vanilla packs these days, I would suggest that French Vanilla 1.15 errs more on the side of simplistic vanilla packs. There’s not too many substantial changes to how the game looks, but there are plenty of details and unique french themed easter eggs to check out while you play.

What is French Vanilla 1.15 like to play with?


French Vanilla 1.15 is a simple pack by nature. Vanilla packs, for the most part, only ever impose a minor amount of changes to the base game of Minecraft. What’s unique about this particular pack, however, is that it has been endowed with a theme of French flair, bringing French-focused items and blocks into the world of Minecraft.

With that said, French Vanilla 1.15 isn’t just focused on a French style Minecraft visual style, as there’s also a few improvements and technical changes included as well. For instance, the pack has an increased texture resolution to that of the base game, allowing for much more detail and more impressive block designs.


If you’re a French or Canadian citizen, or simply just a fan of French culture, there’s a good amount of details and other fun things to discover whilst you play. What’s more, blocks have been given a modern French architectural twist that make for a great addition to vanilla Minecraft. If you’re into modern Minecraft designs and buildings then you’ll get a good amount of use of some of the blocks in French Vanilla 1.15.

What are the pros of French Vanilla 1.15

✔Very faithful to vanilla Minecraft

✔Performance remains unaffected due to the simple nature of pack

✔Fun details and easter eggs

What are the cons of French Vanilla 1.15

X Changes are only small in nature

X Won’t have much appeal to many players

X Still in production

How do I install French Vanilla 1.15?

Installing French Vanilla 1.15 is as easy as taking a relaxing break on the French riviera. Though, if you’ve never installed a pack before, it can be difficult to know what to do. That’s why we’ve put together a simple guide below to get you playing in just a couple of minutes.

To start, download the zip file for French Vanilla 1.15. Once it’s done, place the file somewhere safe for the time being. Now you need to find the folder for your Minecraft resource packs. The best way to do this as a beginner is to go to the game’s main menu and make your way to options>resource packs>open resource pack folder, which will open the correct folder that you need. Another way to access the folder is by using one of the following directories depending on your operating system:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft

Once you’ve opened the ‘resourcepack’ folder, place the zip download into the folder. Finally, enable French Vanilla 1.15 as your current resource pack.

French Vanilla 1.15 Preview

French Vanilla 1.15 - 1 French Vanilla 1.15 - 2

French Vanilla 1.15 - 3

French Vanilla 1.15 for Minecraft Download Links

Below is where you can find download links for French Vanilla 1.15

  French Vanilla 1.15 DOWNLOAD

At the end of the day, if you want to play Minecraft you first need to download OptiFine! There are millions of players in Minecraft make sure that you are using fair mods which does not disrupt or bother gameplay of other players.

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