Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published March 16, 2020
Updated: March 16, 2020
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published March 16, 2020
Updated: March 16, 2020

Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack is a resource pack for Minecraft 1.15.2 that seeks to add some personality and dynamism to the vanilla Minecraft experience through the exciting use of animated textures! (Ooooh, aaaah). If you’re the type of person who has to check out each and every vanilla style pack, then here’s your next entry!

What is Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack?

I know you’re probably self-isolating right now, so it’s important to keep yourself busy and entertain yourself through the coming weeks. And what could be better than checking out some of the many Minecraft packs that are currently on offer?

Many of you will know about Faithful 32x, a pack that’s specifically designed to improve Minecraft while keeping its unique style and charm. But now we have Faithful 32x Animated, a dynamic improvement upon the classic faithful pack.

Is Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack fun to play with?

The short answer to that question is: yes! If you want the long answer, then you’ll have to keep reading. But if you are short on time, just know that this pack makes a fantastic option and improvement to the Faithful resource pack series.

So, as you might imagine, Faithful 32x Animated adds a selection of animated textures into Minecraft. Although it might sound simple in concept—and it is a little simple in execution, to be fair—the impact that just a few animated textures can have is striking. Suddenly the game feels a whole lot more immersive and engaging. Rather than feeling like you’re simply viewing a world, you feel more a part of that world, and in Minecraft that’s a pretty big deal.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many animated textures included in the pack, but to the packs credit, the ones that are present are effective and gimmick-free. Personally, I’d much rather have sensible animated textures rather than animation everywhere, even when it’s not needed. So kudos to the creator for keeping it all reined in.

It must be said though, I do wish the pack had just a little more to offer. The current collection of textures are great, but I was left feeling just a little bit disappointed and wanting more than the pack currently provides.

That said, this is an excellent pack for you faithful players out there, and it’s an awesome way to add some spice to your Minecraft visuals quickly and without affecting too much. Check out the installation guide below if you want to try it out yourself!

What’s good about Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack?

✔ Super faithful 32×32 textures 

✔ Adds new content to the iconic Faithful 32x resource pack series

✔ New animated textures add a lot of immersion and look great

What’s bad about Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack?

X Only useful for players who enjoy the style of Faithful 32x

X Some extra content in the future wouldn’t go amiss

X Needs more animated textures for blocks and items that players use more frequently

How do I install Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack?

Installing Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack is certainly not as complicated as some of the pack’s impressive animated textures. No, sir! Installation is a piece of square cake, and by using my guide down below, you’ll be playing in no time at all. Take a look!

To begin, download the zip file for Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack. Copy it or keep the file nearby until later in the installation process. Next, you need to access Minecraft’s game files and open the ‘resourcepack’ folder. The easiest way to do this is done by going to Minecraft’s option menu and selecting resource packs>open resource pack folder. If you want to access it outside of Minecraft, you can also find the folder using one of the file directories in the following table:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%\.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft


To finish, place the Faithful 32x Animated zip file into the pack folder. To activate the pack, go to the Minecraft resource pack menu and move the pack to the right hand side of the screen.

Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack Preview


Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack for Minecraft Download Links

Below is where you can find download links for Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack

Faithful 32x 1.15.2 Animated Texture Pack DOWNLOAD

At the end of the day, if you want to play Minecraft you first need to download OptiFine! There are millions of players in Minecraft make sure that you are using fair mods which does not disrupt or bother gameplay of other players.

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