Essence Resource Pack 1.7.10

Essence Resource Pack

Essence Resource Pack 1.7.10

Essence Resource Pack 1.7.10 was created by Imrevened to combine the influences of RPG and medieval into one pack. It has been known that the demand for medieval packs with an RPG feel has been floating around the air and so it is here now and can be downloaded easily for your convenience.

Essence Resource Pack 1.7.10 features dark contrasted colors combined with a very soft brush at the top to finish off the amazing aesthetics. The blocks, weapons, and items are heavily based on Medieval knights and castles. The cherry on top is the whole RPG feel to give you a new hype when playing Minecraft.

If you love this pack and want to have more in the future, you can show your love to IMREVENED. You can check his Youtube Channel to support him. You can check more PVP packs over here.

To make sure you get the best game experience possible we strongly recommend using PvP Texture Pack in combination with Optifine. For the best PvP experience, we recommend you use Minecraft version 1.8 or 1.7.

How to install Essence Resource Pack 1.7.10?

If you don’t know how to install the Essence Resource Pack 1.7.10 just look below, we’ll provide you with a short tutorial there. This installation guide should work with all Minecraft versions. To see the Official Download Links just scroll down.

Simple 6-step installation below is recommended! 

1. Make sure you have installed Optifine.
2. Download the Essence Resource Pack 1.7.10 from the official links.
3. Start Minecraft, navigate to “options” then.
4. Navigate from “options” > “Resource Packs” > “Open resource packs folder”.
5. Drag and drop the pack into the folder.
6. When you now launch Minecraft you should see the Pack.

Essence Resource Pack 1.7.10 Download

Essence Resource Pack 1.7.10


Download Links of Essence Resource Pack 1.7.10 are listed below:

Essence Resource Pack 1.7.10

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