Endless Hallways in Minecraft Discovered 

 Last Modified September 13, 2021

 Published September 13, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Endless Hallway - main

Minecraft is an amazing game which you can do and build about everything.

Just in, a creative Minecraft player has shared an amazing Endless Hallway which he created in Reddit.


The player named ekra8154 shows his creation in a 16 second video.

It shows a endless hall where you might need to travel for 20 minutes and still not reach the other end of the tunnel.


However, upon further in the video he shows that the room is just made of a few blocks.

He then shows that the entire endless hall is just an optical illusion crated by placing a map which is the same size as the blocks making up the wall with a design of an endless hall.

How very looney tunes-ish of him.


"It's like a contraption built by wile e coyote"

Endless Hallway in Minecraft - 2

The Endless Hallway

A clever Minecraft player has found a method to construct an apparently endless corridor.

A beautiful ruse was engineered using basic optical methods, as well as PC-only add-ons for the most popular crafting game, to fool a number of people.

Minecraft players are always coming up with impressive and distinctive constructions, which is a testament to the game's near ten-year history.

There's a lot of fan art, including recreations of popular game environments like as The Legend of Zelda's Hyrule and basic references to popular culture.

With a slew of complex and user-friendly gameplay systems, virtually everything is feasible in Minecraft.

A variety of in-game cosmetics and decorations can be used to personalize these unique constructions.

On PC, Minecraft players may also use the many mods available for the game to enhance their creativity.


"It's not as difficult as it actually is. It's simple, yet amazingly creative."

To create the appearance that there is more video in his videos, ekra8154 employed a simple method.

The structure represented in the video is not, in fact, a typical one.

The surprise comes in the form of a hand-drawn picture depicting an endless corridor.

The artwork is the same size as the wall it's pasted to and blends in with the rest of the wood-and-stone interior, offering for a very convincing appearance.

According to ekra8154, they were able to create this picture using MC Map Item Tool, a third-party tool.

Players can build ridiculously complicated virtual engineering feats such as a powered rail system that may travel over water in the game Minecraft.

You might not realize it, but the most popular Reddit submissions demonstrate how stunning basic projects can be.

This may be a welcome surprise for novices wanting to communicate through the game without having to fathom complex elements like Redstone.

Optical Illusions

Optical illusions involves visual deception. A wide range of deceptive visual effects may be observed owing to the arrangement of pictures, the use of colors, the effect of light source or other factors.

The eye receives and interprets data, which is then transmitted to the brain for processing. This results in a perception that does not correspond to reality.

Perception is the way we interpret what we see through our eyes.


"Tricking the brain to see something else than what it actually is."

Optical illusions are the result of our brain's efforts to interpret what we see and make sense of the world.

Optical illusions, on the other hand, are deceptive in nature.

They fool our brains into seeing things that aren't actually there.

Optical Illusions in Minecraft

Brilliant structures such as this one are always amusing to both regular players and die-hard Minecraft players.

The game's simple, low-poly visuals may lead you to believe that it is a shallow experience, but these sorts of structures dispel that notion.

With new additions and improvements, Minecraft will undoubtedly continue to be home to more creative builds in the future.

Only time would tell how many more brilliant structures can be created as the game evolves even further.

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