Dyemona 2: Labin Story – Minecraft Horror Map

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Dyemona 2: Labin Story - Minecraft Horror Map Is Devilishly Scary

Dyemona 2: Labin Story - Minecraft Horror Map might just be the scariest, goriest map you will ever lay your eyes on. When playing Dyemona 2: Labin Story, expect to be thrown into the darkest, scariest world you could imagine. The map itself is quite short, but the jump scares and scary moments are sure to leave a lasting effect.

Be warned, this map really does have a lot of gore so if that’s not for you, you might want to skip over this one. However, if that does take your interest, keep reading to see what makes this map so special. We’ll showcase screenshots and give our review below. At the end, we have a download link and installation instructions so that you can try out the map for yourself.

Dyemona 2: Labin Story - Minecraft Horror Map Review

Dyemona 2: Labin Story - Minecraft Horror Map quickly throws you into the action with your very first jump scare. You will see a skeleton Steve hanging from the ceiling. After that, you must explore through a dark, abandoned place to understand what’s happening. On top of the jump scares, you will find yourself needing to fight monsters and solve puzzles, so be ready to fight your way through it.

If you aren’t easily scared, then this map might be for you too. It is one of the few Minecraft horror maps that is actually jam-packed with jump scares and horror moments. The story is also fun to follow but I did find that it is worth playing the first Dyemona map, otherwise the story doesn’t quite make much sense.

What I like about Dyemona 2: Labin Story is that it’s very easy to play. You won’t often get lost or confused about what the objective is. Everything is clearly explained and it’s very obvious what you may need to do next. There are some puzzles to solve, though, so you’ll need to get your thinking cap on to get past those.

You must collect different items along the way too, and then eventually you will have to fight your way through the undead monsters. The combat was a surprise for me - after coming across so many jump scares I really wasn’t expecting even more spooky content. 

I will give one more warning, there is a lot of blood and gore in this map. Surprising for a Minecraft map, I know, but it’s literally everywhere. I never knew a Minecraft map could be this gruesome. Ultimately, if you like that kind of thing, you’ll absolutely enjoy Dyemona 2: Labin Story. It’s easily one of the best Minecraft maps out there.

Dyemona 2: Labin Story does require a few extra steps to install and set up properly, so you need to keep that in mind if you’re not too familiar with downloading Minecraft maps. We will take you through all of the steps below. First though, why not take a look at our summary where we list all of the pros and cons for Dyemona 2: Labin story.


  • Extremely scary map
  • Lots of jump scares and frightening moments
  • Very easy to play and little confusion when exploring


  • Very gruesome
  • Requires additional steps to install
  • The story doesn’t make much sense if you play it before the prequel

How do I install Minecraft Horror Maps

Download the map file and, using a file extractor, export the contents of the file to a location on your computer. When that’s finished, locate the directory where your Minecraft saves are kept. This will be different depending on the operating system of your computer. If you’re not sure where to look, use the table below:

macOS~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Just place the Spooner Street folder into your saves folder and just select the save from your Minecraft single player saves list.

The same process applies for multiplayer too, but the location of your saves folder is always different depending on what client or server software you use. 

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Dyemona 2 Labin Story - Minecraft Horror Map - 3

Dyemona 2: Labin Story - Minecraft Horror Map Download Links

Below is where you can find download links for Minecraft Dyemona 2: Labin Story - Minecraft Horror Map

Dyemona 2: Labin Story - Minecraft Horror Map DOWNLOAD

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