Dish Soap Brand Tries to Save Marine Mammals with Minecraft 

 Last Modified September 20, 2021

 Published September 16, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Dish Soap Brand Tries to Save Marine Mammals with Minecraft - 1

Dawn Dish Soap has officially announced that they are taking part in the quest to save Marine Mammals in partnership with Overwolf.

Every Minecraft gamer is invited to recreate a habitat for Marine Wildlife. After that, they are to submit a video clip on twitter with the hashtag #DawnSavesWildlife.


For every legitimate tweet, Dawn will donate $5 to Worldwide Fowl Rescue and The Marine Mammal Middle.

The event starts on September 20, 2021 and will end on the 17th of October of the same year.


The top three participants with the most inspiring entries get Alienware laptops!

Minecraft to help self Marine Mammals

At first glance it seems like an oddly couple. Why would a Dish Soap brand utilize Minecraft as the medium for their campaign to save marine mammals?

Second, aren't they trying to reach the wrong Market? Minecraft is usually played by ages 15 and below. That age bracket doesn't normally buy dish soaps on the grocery store.


"We are trying to reach to the youth to be more aware of our marine mammals. At the same time, we want them to be comfortable with the medium they will be using when they want to join the campaign."

But, the Marketing genius behind this event has stated that their objectives are to reach out to future customers, and at the same time to make them feel attached and fully at home with the platform they would be using while joining.

This is the main reason why they are using Minecraft.

Aside from that, not only will it make the younger consumers feel attached. It will also allow them to exercise their creativity since players are allowed to use mods or shaders.


"This is not only a Dish Soap Campaign. It's Dish Soap combined with the creativity of our youth."

To make sure that everyone knows how to use what is available at their disposal, Dawn Dish Soap has included help tutorials on Minecraft blocks that are material-related to Dish Soaps themselves.

These blocks serve as both aesthetic and functional purposes for this campaign.

Through these materials, players will have an easier time completing tasks while having fun trying out different ways of crafting Dish soaps!

Going one step further, Dawn Dish Soap has also included links on where to purchase Dish Soaps for those who are interested in playing the game with Dish Dish Soap.


"We want to make our gamers happy, and maybe even entice them to try our Dish soaps."

Minecraft is not only easy to play. It is where creativity meets fun!

Block materials will be what you need to create Dish soaps on your own. You can also use any Minecraft Resource Pack that you want.

Dish Soap Brand Tries to Save Marine Mammals with Minecraft - dawn dish soap

Dawn Dish Soap

Procter & Gamble's Dawn brand is a dishwashing liquid which has been used by homes through the world daily.

It's the most popular brand of dishwashing liquid in the United States, since it's introduction in 1973.

Dawn products are also utilized to clean everything from pots and pans to automobiles.

They have partnered with The Marine Mammal Center, an NGO which has been in existence since 1975.

They have rescued over 24,000 marine mammals in total and have dedicated all of their time and resources in the protection and preservation of marine mammals and their natural habitats.

As one of their campaigns, Dawn Dish Soap through Procter & Gamble will donate $5 to this NGO for every entry they get during the campaign.


โ€œWe believe P&G can be a force for good and a force for growth, and we are taking a more deliberate approach to delighting consumers while enabling responsible consumption,โ€

David Taylor

 P&Gโ€™s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.

Dish Soap Brand Tries to Save Marine Mammals with Minecraft - 4

Procter & Gamble's Environmental Sustainability

P & G Corporation has already announced that they have already completed and accomplished many of their environmental sustainability goals of 2020.

They have also stated that they have plans in place to complete the remaining goals. At the same time they will have a new goal which is more broad in terms of reach for 2030.

They aim to help the sustain the environment by reducing their footprint one step at a time.

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