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Deadly Orbit 1.14.4  is full of space. Lots of it. In fact, you’re surrounded by it. The only form of life is the giant space station that looms ahead. Keep on reading to hear all about this spooky and space themed survival map.

What is Deadly Orbit 1.14.4?

Deadly Orbit 1.14 is space adventure on an epic scale where you fight and survive your way through a space station disaster zone. Sound good, space cowboy? Then prepare to board for an adventure map that’s out of this world.

What is the Deadly Orbit map like?

You start the map in a detached pod of what makes up a much larger space station. This tiny pod is your first home, but you’ll soon leave the coop. The real action is onboard the massive station not too far from you. But how do you get there? You’ll need some clever thinking and engineering to solve the problems thrown by this map.

Unlike other maps, Deadly Orbit wants, no, begs you to smash, break down and destroy parts of the environment in order for you to progress. It’s good too, because the void of space is unforgiving, and if you fall if you fall from the spacecraft at any point, you’ll fall to your death without any chance of recovering your items. This set me back a lot, and proved to be a genuine stumbling block when faced with rooms of enemies without a sword or even food. 

The quality of the build construction is great. The giant scope of the space station looms across the whole screen. It’s the kind of epic experience you only get with these giant builds, and the space theme really wouldn’t be as engaging if the ship was a lot smaller. That said, in the areas that are more compact, the creator cleverly uses vertical space to progress. Often you’ll find yourself progressing upward rather than simply from one room to the next, which sells the idea you are in a multi-level ship floating adrift in space.

Make sure to install Minecraft 1.7.4. It’s an older map for sure, but it provides a classic survival experience that can’t ever be beat. That said, it would be fantastic if the map was remade with current Minecraft, where I’m sure they could incorporate zero gravity or just moon gravity throughout the map.

Speaking of space, as a famous singer once said “It’s lonely out in space.” and you my fair rocket man will certainly feel that too as you scramble from room to room, with nothing but the void of space to keep you company. Although, there’s always potential for cooperative play with friends. Beware though, the pod where you begin your space journey is a little cramped, so be prepared for some, shall we say, cosy first steps.

What are the pros of Deadly Orbit?

✔Excellent level of quality

✔Awesome space theme

✔Interesting game design

What are the cons of Deadly Orbit?

X Can be unforgiving at times 

X Could benefit from a remake

How do I play Deadly Orbit 1.14.4 survival?

If we’ve left you feeling starbound from our rundown, have no fear, as our handy guide for installing Dealy Orbit is just below.

To start, download the Deadly Orbit survival map. Once the download has finished, export the files to a location on your computer. When the export is all done, find the unzipped folder and move it the folder where you can find your Minecraft saves. This depends on what operating system you use, but the default directories are as follows:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft


Once the map is moved, all you have to do is start Minecraft and select Deadly Orbit in the singleplayer menu.

If you want to play with friends, locate where your server’s world is stored. This isn’t always the same, and varies depending on client software. Once found, simply replace the world folder with the Deadly Orbit folder.

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