Best Way to Travel in Minecraft! Cow Surfing! 

 Last Modified September 9, 2021

 Published September 5, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Best Way to Travel in Minecraft! Cow Surfing!

Cow Surfing is the latest thing on Minecraft.

There are several methods to travel from one point to another in Minecraft, but each has a negative aspect.


Taming a horse is one option, but you must first domesticate it.

Another option is the conventional minecart, which requires miles of track to function effectively.


The quickest method is by boat, however you'll need access to a body of water to travel through it.

However, something interesting which you might want to try has just reached the surface.

A player named oaleksander has discovered a new mode of transport, one that involves only one wooden boat and a large number of cows.

On board the herd, oaleksander is seen sitting in a boat and rowing through them as if they were water in this video uploaded to Reddit.

It automatically became a hit, and has been replicated by plenty of other players.

In this case, you need a few wheat to attract the cows and keep them packed together and close to the boat so that you will not run fall out to the ground.

It's clever really. What makes it even better is that it works in Minecraft's survival mode.

You'd simply need plenty of cows. It especially looks amazing with a Minecraft Shader used with it.

cow surfing minecraft - 1

Travelling in Minecraft

It's not about going fast in Minecraft. It's more about walking slowly through a cubist's fantasy or getting lower and darker inside someone else's nightmare.

But neither of these journeys is particularly quick. It's mostly a matter of digging, and setting off explosions.

There are literally so many ways that you can travel or relocate on Minecraft.

From crazy redstone contraptions, to flying, to teleporting, and now to surfing on top of cows as they herd beneath you while you row your wooden boat on them. 

Cow Surfing

To be honest, others have tried it before, but this is the most recent and well-known attempt.

The idea of using cattle for fast transportation appears to be popular among fans, with some of them even engaged in conversations about the usefulness of utilizing cows for such a purpose.

Minecraft has long been a game that allows users to do anything they want but this is just so fun.


"Cow surfing is fun but it does have it's limitations."

There are several restrictions to cow surfing.

You can capture a decent video for brief distances, but if you paddle too fast for lengthy periods, you'll outgrow your sources.

Furthermore, because your mode of transportation necessitates a large number of cows, it's only practical on custom maps or creative mode.

However, one crazy idea to do would be to try cow surfing on a PvP server and try to infiltrate an enemy base with your horde of cows.

How is Cow Surfing Possible

All you ever really need is a wooden boat and plenty of cows.

When we say plenty, we mean plenty. Like over a hundred.

Once you have them, you can sit on the boat with a couple of wheat in hand and park it next to the cows so they don't wander away from the ship.

They'll gather below your boat as they do nearby grass, and before long they'll be packed tightly enough that you can move very quickly without worrying about tipping over or running out of animals.


"All you need is about 100 cows, a wooden boat and wheat on hand"

You can watch the whole process in oaleksander's video.

All these are possible in Minecraft which has captured the hearts of millions across the globe with its infinite possibilities to enjoy this game further.

All in all this new way of travelling has been one of the craziest ideas we have seen so far.

It's fun and ideal to do it. But, on the serious note, there are plenty of other methods of transportation in Minecraft.

You can literally just create a redstone contraption which works like a car.

You can also just tame a horse or fly with an Elytra.

But, got to admit, cow surfing looks awesome. cowabonga!

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