Containment Survival 2 (Compatible with 1.14.4)


Containment Survival 2 1.14.4  is a survival map focused on test subjects, scientific bio-domes and a faceless overseeing voice. Read on to hear about this Portal-meets-Minecraft survival experience.

What is Containment Survival 2 1.14.4?

Containment Survival 1.14.4 is a tough sci-fi survival map that takes a few pages from games like Portal and Dark Souls to deliver a truly unique survival map. 

The plot of Containment Survival 2 follows directly from the first map, but don’t fret if you’ve not played it, as the story is easy to pick up. The plot is centred around you, the player, who is a clone and is tasked on

The quality of the map is pretty solid. The scientific bio-domes are visually intriguing compared to the almost alien-like landscape. A lot of work has obviously gone into the clever map design and game flow, as I noticed a lot of command block usage to make a smoother game experience.

There’s also a custom resource pack that is required to play properly. The resource pack adds custom sounds for the overhead narrator character, though the sound quality and overall ability of the voice actor is something to be desired.

As you pass through the different research zones, you’ll find new environment, enemies and even some mini bosses. Personally, I loved the creative mini boss usage and looked forward to these sections more than any other part of the game.

The biggest issue with this survival map is definitely the difficulty. Although it isn’t a hardcore map, the difficulty is apparent throughout. Although you have infinite respawns, you’ll find yourself dying and running back to grab your loot over and over again. These sections work best with a friend or two so you can handle the infinitely spawning waves of mobs.

These parts feel very similar to roguelikes or the Souls series, where you’re rewarded for repeating certain sections for more XP and supplies. The main issue with this is that entering new areas requires a lot of experience points and what the map calls “rage” which you earn through battling enemies.

You have to do this process a lot during your time with this map, which can quickly become frustrating when you need 50+ levels of experience to continue.

The ending might seem lacklustre to some, but the journey itself is a rewarding romp, if not a bit grindy at times. Unfortunately though, despite the author’s final message at the end of the map, it seems there was never a third Containment Survival entry in the series. Check it out if you’re a fan of Portal, Dark Souls or simply fond of a good challenge.

What are Containment Survival 2’s pros?


✔Presents a serious challenge

✔Diverse range of biomes and environments

What are Containment Survival 2’s cons?

X Requires a lot of grinding

X Difficult when playing solo

How do you install the Containment Survival 1.14.4 survival map?

Piqued your interest with our Containment review? Carry on reading below for our guide to installing the second installment of the Containment Survival series.

Firstly, download the Containment Survival 2 map from our site. Once the download has completed, open up the zip file with a file archiver such as Winrar. Use your chosen program to extract the files to your destination of choice. When the extraction finishes, move the new folder into the directory where your Minecraft saves are stored. You can find your relevant directory from the following list:

OS Location
Windows %APPDATA%.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Linux ~/.minecraft


Then, just open up Minecraft and choose the Arctic map from your singleplayer save list.

Using this map for multiplayer is essentially the same process. The only difference is that you’ll need to locate where the map for your server is stored. This depends between client software, so yours may be in a different place from someone else’s. Once you’ve found it, just replace the folder with the Containment Survival 2 folder.

Don’t forget to install the additional resource pack too!

Containment Survival 1.14.4 Preview

Containment Survival 2 1.14.4 - 1 Containment Survival 2 1.14.4 - 2

Containment Survival 2 1.14.4 - 3

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