Anglerfish 128x PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9 

 Last Modified December 6, 2021

 Published April 24, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

Anglerfish 128x PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9 main

The Anglerfish 128x PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9 is a cool and mellow texture pack which was created by Yuruze. This texture pack features Faithful looking edits specifically targeted for Minecraft players who love PvP. This texture pack uses the vanilla color schemes but adds it's own twists to it making this PvP pack quite a very powerful and awesome texture. 

This texture pack is focused on modifying the look of weapons and armors. It changes the vanilla light blue diamond weapon set with an awesome Darker pallet. It changes the colors to a darker shade of blue. It utilizes nice gradients of dark blue and light blue to make this awesome and breathtaking texture pack.


It runs on 128x resolution making it considerable high definition. We tested it on a mid device and it runs well without sacrificing performance. Hence, we think this texture pack is ideal for PvP action despite the high resolution.

Is Anglerfish 128x PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9 Worth the Download? 

Anglerfish 128x is has a very nice Faithful feel to it. It is possibly one of the cleanest faithful edits that you can see. However, it is not purely a faithful edit since it modifies the swords to make it more appealing for PvP. This texture pack also includes a bow indicator to help you see when to properly fire a shot. The ender pearl has also been slightly modified to make it fit the theme better. Overall we think this texture pack is good for PvP especially if you love it in HD.



  • High Definition Resolution
  • Fast despite being HD
  • Does not affect FPS that much unless on slow devices
  • suitable for bedwars, potpvp, kitpvp and more
  • Good combination of dark and light colors


  • Can only replace weapons and armor sets (some tools also)
  • Could slow down your game if you have an aged machine
  • Higher resolution might cause slower FPS for slower machines


This texture pack is 128x in terms of resolution. It is high definition. This makes the game more crisp and  look smoother. Overall aesthetics are amazing. This texture pack runs well despite being of higher resolution. It did not cause any major FPS issues when we tested it on a mid-spec device. Aesthetic wise, the color combinations are superb and the custom night sky is the cherry on top.

Anglerfish 128x PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9 Preview & Screenshots

Please view below to see some of the screenshots of this texture pack to help guide you on how it looks activated on the game.


Anglerfish 128x PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9 1

How to Download Anglerfish 128x PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9:

Step 1: How to Download from

If this is your first time downloading from our site, rest assured downloading from minecraft-resourcepacks is safe.  Before downloading review the basics of how to download a pack here.

Step 2: Download Optifine

Before attempting to download and install, you need to have Optifine to ensure the texture pack will run properly.

Step 3: Download Texture Pack

To start, download the zip file from the link below. Place the zip file into your Minecraft Resource Pack folder.

To find the folder easily, go to Minecraft’s options menu and navigate to resource packs>open resource pack folder. Alternatively, use the table below to see which file directory your folder is stored in.

File Locations of Minecraft Resource Packs Folder:






~/Library/Application Support/minecraft



With the resource pack folder open, place the zip file inside. Finally, activate the texture pack in-game via Minecraft’s resource pack menu on the game menu. free download links

Anglerfish 128x PvP Texture Pack 1.8.9 Download Link

Below, you can see the legitimate download links hosted on our servers. We do not sell our texture packs, and are all for free. Please see corresponding download link below to download the texture packs. After you have clicked on the link you will be redirected to the download page.

Your download will automatically start once the file is ready, you do not need to click any buttons. Once the file is ready, your download should begin automatically. All you will need to do is save it on your device.

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