Young Teenager Recreates Entire Mall in Minecraft 

 Last Modified September 9, 2021

 Published September 8, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

amazing build in minecraft - 1

A new amazing build in Minecraft has been created in Manila.

A Teenager from the Philippines has shown his creative thoughts and imagination by recreating one of the most popular malls in the country.


Joseph Abella, an 18 year old from Camarines Sur has entirely rebuilt Robinsons Place Naga on Minecraft.

It has been labelled as one of the amazing builds on Minecraft.


He has specifically included all of the fine details that makes the mall special.

This includes the custom and unique wall designs which are based from one of the delicacies of the region - Pili nuts. 


"I was challenged by the complexity of the structure"

Why He Rebuilt The Entire Mall

Joseph Abella has been playing the game for a long time already.

He has previously created other amazing build in Minecraft, however, this build was one of his best work, and has been one of the most popular he has built especially in his locality.

In an interview with one of the country's biggest media outlets he mentioned that one of the main reasons why he created the structure was because he was challenged by the complexity of the structure.

Not only is the mall big, it has one of the most unique walls designed.

The walls are created to resemble Pili Nuts which is one of the region's most famous export products.


"It took me four weeks to finish,"

Building Robinsons Place Naga in Minecraft

After he got his inspiration from the challenge of recreating the building, he decided it was time to start creating an amazing build in Minecraft.

He started by generating the map, creating the walls and outline, followed by the finer details.

The pavement alone took some days to complete. But one of the most time consuming parts was adding the details to the walls.

Without the unique feature of the walls, the mall would just like be any other structure.

On his interview, he stated that it took him a total of four weeks to complete the entire structure.

Not only was he able to include all of the fine details, he even included some of the billboards that are displayed outside the mall.

He even included functional streetlamps and the road.

amazing build in minecraft - 1 - 4

Robinsons Place Naga

This mall is one of the biggest and most popular malls within the region.

It is visited by thousands of people daily.

It is also home to two of the biggest and most famous cinema houses in the locality.

The structure itself is amazing, which is why the recreated version is an amazing build in Minecraft

The mall has its own unique and special features which has made it stand out from other malls within the region.

It had an open concept which allowed sunlight and natural air to come into the atrium of the mall.

Not only does it have a unique layout of shops, but even their exterior is one of a kind.


"Also, I thought that more people could easily relate to my artwork, so the moment that the audience sees my output, they would know at first glance."

amazing build in minecraft - teen recreates mall

Source: Robinsons Place Naga Facebook Page

Sweet Victory

After completing the amazing build in Minecraft he then got plenty of exposure in social media.

His artwork got so much attention that even the administration of the mall gave him a voucher as a token of their appreciation.

He received an honorary P10,000 voucher from the mall. He then spent it with his mother.

His masterpiece was even showcased in the mall's atrium for a period of time. 

Minecraft Castle - Castle and Gladiator Arena - 1

Amazing Build in Minecraft

Aside from Abella there are other master builder in Minecraft.

There are countless number of jaw dropping builds such as the ever popular Castle and Gladiator Arena.

However, the mall which Abella recreated has been one of the newer amazing builds.

Have you created an Amazing build in Minecraft? Submit it to us, and we will share it with the whole world.


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