All about Shipwrecks – Minecraft Seed

Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 23, 2019
Updated: October 23, 2019
Published by Peter Schwartz
Published October 23, 2019
Updated: October 23, 2019

All about Shipwrecks: Tropical Island Seed

All about Shipwrecks is a seed with, as the name says, many shipwrecks. It is a seed made up of many islands surrounding tropical, blue water. Below the water is a warm ocean biome, with lots of colorful coral growing on the ocean floor.

All about Shipwrecks is a great seed for everyone. You first spawn in All about Shipwrecks on a small island. Right next to this island, there will be a village with a shipwreck onshore. This village and shipwreck is very close and can not be missed.

The shipwreck is fully above water and will have two chests onboard. The village itself is quite large and is basically the only thing on the island other than the shipwreck. Lots of loot can be found around the village, including hay bales, iron golems, animals, and much more.

All about Shipwrecks certainly seems to have more water than land, but that is okay because there are plenty of beautiful landscapes underwater. Next to the village island, you will find a huge warm ocean biome filled with colorful coral.

You might also find a second shipwreck underwater in the warm ocean biome. This shipwreck has chests on board that can be looted. There are also some underwater ruins that can have chests as well.

If you need to find trees, there are plenty on surrounding islands. Many islands have plenty of oak and birch trees so you can start building and crafting.

A third shipwreck can be found while swimming along the coral reef, this ship has one chest on board.

A very large underwater ravine is also on the ocean floor among the coral. This ravine is very deep, it goes all the way down to diamond level. But, it will be a challenge to mine from, because it is completely submerged in water.

A bit to the north, there is another island with yet another shipwreck. As always, there is some loot onboard.

It seems as though this seed only has islands, not flat land. This can add a challenge to the game, of course, and is similar to a survival island adventure map. While there are not any trees on the island you spawn on, there are plenty on surrounding islands all around the seed. The seed itself is very beautiful, especially the water.

The water is very blue with colorful coral on the ocean floor, which is visible on dry land. I would consider All about Shipwrecks a great seed to play on if you are looking for a challenge. This seed is great for Minecraft players of all skill levels.

All about Shipwrecks is a seed for Minecraft 1.14.4.

Pros of All About Shipwrecks

  • Very unique and beautiful seed.
  • It has a lot of shipwrecks to explore, as the name says.
  • The seed is very aesthetically pleasing.

Cons of All About Shipwrecks

  • Lack of caves or other places to mine easily.
  • The seed is made up of all islands, so it will be harder to build.
  • There is a lack of variety in biomes.

How to use All about Shipwrecks Minecraft Seed

If you would like to use All about Shipwrecks on your own singleplayer world, it’s easy! All you have to know is one simple strand of numbers called a seed. For All about Shipwrecks, the seed will be-613756530319979507. Here are the steps on how to use this seed!

  1. Open Minecraft 1.14.4.
  2. Click on “Singleplayer”, then “Create New World”
  3. Select “More World Options…”
  4. In the textbox labeled “Seed for the World Generator” paste these numbers: -613756530319979507.
  5. Click “Create New World” once again, and you will have All about Shipwrecks on your own singleplayer world!

For a smoother gaming experience, try out Optifine for Minecraft version 1.14.4!

All about Shipwrecks Minecraft Seed Preview

All about Shipwrecks - Minecraft Seed - 1

All about Shipwrecks - Minecraft Seed - 2
All about Shipwrecks - Minecraft Seed - 4


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