5 Reasons Why Minecraft 1.18 Lags 

 Last Modified April 7, 2022

 Published November 15, 2021

By  Peter Schwartz

5 Reasons Why Minecraft 1.18 Lags - main

Minecraft has been known as a light game with very minimal system requirements how ever you might question why Minecraft 1.18 lags even when it's still on snapshot versions.

Based from what we presently know the main purpose is due to the fact that you are getting more chunks and blocks loaded.

5 Reasons Why Minecraft 1.18 Lags - new build limit

According to Mojang you will get a new build limit of 64 blocks up. At the same time, more chunks are also loaded beneath as you will be able to dig 64 blocks down deeper.

However, aside from that there are more reasons why Minecraft 1.18 lags especially on non-gaming set-ups.

5 Reasons Why Minecraft 1.18 Lags - minecraft and its visuals

Minecraft and It's Visuals

The game was first released in 2011, and its visuals have remained largely the same during that time.

Even though the game is rather blocky and low-demand in terms of CPU power, lag spikes do occur from time to time for a few players.

Lag may severely detract from the player's overall gaming experience. However, Minecrafters can improve their game's performance by making a few adjustments.

The Two Types of Lag

There are two distinct types of lag which you may experience.

1. Client-Based Lag

The term "client-based lag" refers to a rapid drop in frame rates, known as a "lag spike" or a "FPS drop," during gameplay.

There are a variety of methods to repair this, but the simplest is to go into Options, change the Biome Blend setting to zero, and then adjust some video settings.


"For playing on single player, a distance of 8 is all good, and it won't cause your game to lag. It's also acceptable to reduce the Smooth Lighting."

2. Server-based lag

Server-based lag occurs when a block is broken and it reappears, or when "rubberbanding" happens. It is much more difficult to fix this type of lag as you will need some experience with running servers.

Alternatively, if you are playing on a server and you are getting server-based lag you can just report to the admins and game masters for help.

Top 5 Reason Why Minecraft 1.18 Lags

Here are the most known reasons on why your game might be lagging.

5 Reasons Why Minecraft 1.18 Lags - minecraft server

1. Weak Server

Players frequently report that their game works well in single-player modes but becomes sluggish once they join a server.

The cause of the delay for Minecraft 1.18 Lags may have nothing to do with the player's game or computer.

The problem might be with the server, and getting in contact with the administrators may be beneficial. On servers, the player's network might have an impact on their game experience.

5 Reasons Why Minecraft 1.18 Lags - too many apps running

2. Multiple Applications Running in the Background

If there are too many programs running in the background, the player's computer may have trouble keeping Minecraft operating properly.

As readers probably already know, shutting down needless applications is a good place to start.


"It's also possible to prevent non-essentials from starting when a user logs onto their computer."

5 Reasons Why Minecraft 1.18 Lags - too many mods

3. Too many Mods

Minecraft's performance should not be significantly impacted by modifications. However, a few that improve the game's visual fidelity will always slow the game down. Too many mods running at once can also have an impact on performance.

Optifine is a good mod that cuts down on a lot of the superfluous particle effects and other things. It might help with fixing problems on Minecraft 1.18 lags.


"Optifine significantly improves the game's playability."

5 Reasons Why Minecraft 1.18 Lags - too many entities

4. Too Much Entities have been Loaded

Players will experience lag when there are too many items or creatures in one area. The solution to this issue is to eliminate the mobs or relocate away from regions with a lot of people.

If you want to eliminate this problem and retain the number of entities then you will probably need to upgrade your hardware by upgrading your RAM to fix Minecraft 1.18 lags.

5 Reasons Why Minecraft 1.18 Lags - too much render distance

5. Render Distance Too High for Device to Handle

The amount of visible chunks in a world depends on the distance from the player. The larger this setting is, the more it will have an impact on the player's frame rate.

If the player's computer is a bit outdated, they should set render distance to a lower value. The ideal render distance for low-end PCs is between six and ten chunks.

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