OptiFine 1.13 HD U E3 beta4 – Download and Install

OptiFine 1.13 HD U E3 beta4

OptiFine 1.13 HD U E3 beta4 is one of the newest preview versions of OptiFine 1.13. It is the newest beta version for the latest version of OptiFine. Since this is just a Beta Version, there are still plenty of missing functions, bugs, and glitches. But if you can't wait anymore for the official release this could be worth a try.

This beta version of OptiFine 1.13 has plenty of stuff not working yet. These include the anisotropic filtering, antialiasing. However, they did get the shaders partially working on this one.

Some of the very notable changes on this version of OptiFine beta is the compatibility to the legacy launcher. This version of the beta has also fixed plenty of texture glitches back with the other 1.13 betas. These include fixing the cloud height and plus they have already connected all the glass panes.

OptiFine just released a newer preview version. You can download and read more about it by clicking here.

We do not work with or work for OptiFine. If you have any bug reports or glitches please contact them right away.

OptiFine 1.13 HD U E3 beta4 Changelog

Early preview, not all functions are tested
Not working: anisotropic filtering, antialiasing
Partially working: shaders
- fixed compatibility with legacy launcher (#1635)
- fixed double scanning default resource pack
- fixed startup logo rescaling
- fixed parsing of full CTM paths (#1700)
- fixed Better Grass for grass path block (#1684)
- fixed CTM log orientation (#1685)
- fixed MultiMC resource loading (#1705)
- fixed leaves having checkerboard pattern with Smooth Biomes OFF
- fixed connected glass panes (#1661)
- fixed cloud height
- fixed crash with block slab using wrong block state (#1717)
- fixed Dynamic Lights to correctly reset on enable/disable (#1680)
- fixed water colormap
- fixed fluid animations with Smart Animations
- fixed rendering of players with non-latin usernames (#1637)
- fixed crash with TIS-3D Rift (#1677)
- fixed Video Settings to save on ESC
- fixed custom lightmap channels
- added Fullscreen Resolution
- fixed crash in Statistics
- fixed Fast Math accuracy
- added shader uniform "fogDensity"
- fixed fog options
- fixed FXAA flipping screen vertically
- updated to 1.13

OptiFine 1.13 HD U E3 beta4 Download

Download Links of OptiFine 1.13 HD U E3 beta4 Download are listed below:

 OptiFine 1.13 HD U E3 beta4 Download

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