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Faithful Texture Packs 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16

Faithful Texture Packs 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16 have been considered as the most famous texture pack genre. And, the king of the crop is the original Faithful 32x. There are already multiple edits and versions of faithful and all of them are getting plenty of popularity themselves.

Minecraft Faithful Texture Packs 1.16

What are Faithful Texture Packs 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16

Faithful texture packs are the most popular Minecraft texture pack. Faithful PvP Edits are one of the most demanded types of packs in the entire Minecraft universe. Following behind it at a close second is the default edits.

The original faithful texture packs are the Faithful 32x, Faithful 64x, and Faithful 3D. Faithful signifies that a texture pack has remained “faithful” to the true essence of how Minecraft is supposed to be played hence retaining the overall theme of all items and blocks. However, there are already different variations of the faithful texture packs due to the fact that they differ on how strongly faithful it is. 

Faithful Texture Packs 1.16 - Faithful1002 - MAIN

What Were the Original Faithful Texture Packs 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16

Since faithful packs were brought into Minecraft there have been tons and tons of edits, re-edits, remasters, variations, and modes. However, these 3 faithful packs were the ones that helped birth the entire Genre and brought it as the most dominant texture pack for Minecraft.

These packs were:

  • Faithful 32×32 Resource Pack
  • Faithful 64×64 Resource Pack
  • Faithful 128×128 Resource Pack

Because of these three texture packs, there are now multiple texture packs of the same genre and theme.WE now have PvP Edits, Faithful Edits, and more! However, the true Original and first-ever faithful texture pack si the Faithful 32x

Faithful Texture Packs 1.16

Faithful Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16 Pocket Edition / Bedrock Edition

Faithful texture packs 1.16 and lower versions have become so popular that it has been one of the main reasons why plenty of other texture packs have been born. It has even spread its influence to other gaming platforms such as mobile, Xbox, PS4, and other consoles. Faithful texture packs are now not exclusive to java but also for Minecraft Pocket Edition and Bedrock Edition.

Right now there is a Bedrock/PE edition of faithful which has been named by the community as Faithful PE. It is actually downloadable for most Minecraft PE versions. Faithful 32x and Faithful 64x are available for other consoles.

Please read on and discover our amazing collection of Faithful texture packs, Faithful PvP Edits, and Faithful Default Edits. Enjoy!

Faithful Texture Packs 1.16

Faithful Texture Packs 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16

Since the release of the Minecraft 1.16 snapshot, the whole Minecraft universe has been buzzing and asking around if the Faithful 1.16 is ready. Tons of pack makers and developers have gone on and started to go and update their own versions and have begun to rapidly make fully compatible versions for each respective variant.

The latest version of Faithful Texture Packs 1.16 is sure to blow your mind and add a whole new meaning to the nether update. Faithful packs add improved overall graphics and some have even claimed that faithful made their game run faster. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the best Faithful Texture Pack which suits your gameplay.

Vanilla+ 1.15.2 Default Texture Pack 1.16 - 1

Default Texture Packs 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16

The difference between Faithful texture packs and default texture packs are very slim. They are both very inclined to the essence of how Minecraft is supposed to originally play and feel like when you are busy mining for diamonds or clearing entire mobs and dungeons. This is why to make things easier for all of our beloved communities we have also included Default texture packs in our list of texture packs rather than making them feel the hardships of looking for it.

Without further delays here are awesome 1.16.3 / 1.16.2 / 1.16 Texture Packs plus the bonus Default Texture Packs 1.16. Download them now FOR FREE!