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Red Glow PvP Texture Pack 1.9

RED GLOW Minecraft PvP Texture Pack 1.9.4, 1.8.9

PvP Texture Pack "Red Glow" is a 1.7.X/1.8.X (Pack Nation Exclusive: 1.9.X) PvP Pack for Minecraft. The pack has mixed resolutions. Some items are...
ImTully Default PvP Resource Pack

ImTully’s PvP Default Edit Resource Pack 1.8/1.7

Tully's PvP default edit Resource Pack was promoted by Pack Nation Texturepacks after "ImTully" submitted it a couple months ago. The video Pack Nation...

PvP Texture Pack “MEMORIES” 1.9.4, 1.8.9

PvP Texturepack "Memories" is a mixed resolution artwork. The blocks and items come along with a really good and smooth resolution while the hotbar...

PvP Resourcepack xne$tle 32x 1.8

With "xne$tle" - Resourcepack zulp released a default edit with 32x32 resolution for swords, armor. The bow can change its color from blue >...